Study on the Harnessing Tracking for Gully Erosion Based on Embankment Dam’s Construction Technique

Gully erosion, extensively distributed and intensively developed in the upper Yangtze River Basin, is the major sediment source of the Yangtze River. However, the recent studies on soil erosion are mainly concerned on the gullies in the Loess Plateau and Black soil area in Northeast China, limited to the small scope of study, and mainly based on the Global Position System (GPS) technology to describe the process of evolution. It’s urgent to establish a law to describe the development mechanism of gully erosion and harnessing technology. This paper relies on the major project of western research programs (2004BA901A02) , based on the gully erosion situation of Chongqing reservoir area, focusing on the development mechanism of gully erosion and embankment dam’s construction technique, give a follow-up study of dam’s construction process. It gives a systematic study of the dam’s commonly used forms and characteristics and numerical simulation of the high soil-rock filled dam’s settlement and stability. It proposed the economic, Social, other indicators after the construction and comprehensive evaluation method in the project on the basis of the structure and function track, which is important to choose the optimal economic construction technology, construction method, and putting forward practical means of construction monitoring on the premise of guaranteeing project quality. At the same time, combining visual research we have introduced a gully reclamation technology to track system and its program implementation, and achieve the entire process of tracking where the evolution of the macro-law, effective governance, development and utilization efficiency, provide disaster-oriented development trend of the interaction of management model, a dynamic the and latest tracking operating system.Research results can be used to guide the upper area of the Yangtze River in the gully erosion control, and system integration efforts of the building, where the governance program and provide the basis for the determination of reference, but also as a dynamic geological disasters in Chongqing reservoir area part of a system of tracking network for construction Geological disasters tracking database to reveal evolution of disaster and disaster control strategies, means great theoretical significance.

The Research of Teaching Service Function Construction of Education Website

With the popularity of the global internet and the application of the Ministry of Education”the school passes project”, as an important part of the national education development strategy, Education Web site has been the rapid development, in the national institutions showing a prosperous picture, it is becoming a powerful tool of teaching, learning and management tools ,and playing an active role in the construction of information resources, the information-based cognitive awareness of schools and teachers ,the gap between education and so on. Hardware environment and resource development have made great achievements, in particular through the support of a large number of investment funds. It has made a greater contribution in the development of Education Modernization. With the development of science and technology in Web2.0 era, simple e-learning platform and resources can no longer meet the needs of society and keep pace with the development trend of the times.Although educational websites have very different on content and form, but there are two aspects to the Basic functions: First, Education and information services function, mainly for the provision of education news, education developments, policies and regulations, bulletins and other educational information services notice. On the other hand is a function of the teaching service, mainly e-learning, learning management, teaching security, resources, interaction and other relevant content and teaching services. Service functions of teaching refers to auxiliary support a variety of educational and teaching activities of other related services, it determines the quality of the site.At present, the educational web site, the number of large, diverse formats, but can provide the outstanding teaching service functions are not many. According to statistics, most national education web site, education and information services section of the highest settings, accounted for more than 90%, with the teaching program related services only to about 10%. These sites focus on information dissemination, website publicity function, however, support of teaching, resources, construction, and other features enough dig. At the same time, the form of teaching service is single, poor opening, narrow participation, only one-way, a simple resources storage, limited usefulness, unable to meet the diverse needs of the teaching reform. There is a big contradiction in the characteristics of e-learning about participation, interaction, collaboration, personalization, as well as mental training and the creation of capacity-building in the web2.0 times. So keep up with the trend of the development of teaching service functions, adapt to the changing needs of learners, to strengthen the construction of teaching service functions, is a prerequisite and guarantee to improve the quality of education website.In this paper, the literature method, observational method, comparative law, the questionnaire survey are used, from the analysis of research related to the status quo and development trend of starting, and based on research to determine the content and objectives. Secondly, the concept and type of education web site is expatiated, service functions of teaching are separated from the educational web site to carry out targeted research and analysis. The author selects K12 primary and secondary education network in China, 101 distance education network, the house of information technology teachers and Sina education channel ,four representative websites for study. From the construction of learning platform and resource development to sort out, summed up their advantages and problems. In addition, through online survey to master the application of and demand conditions of site visitors, analyzing the data by Excel and SPSS, provide a theoretical and data support for follow-up research.Then, the article start the detailed study from the network learning platform and resource library building under the guidance of specific theory. Through the analysis of the characteristics of network development in web2.0 era and the impact of new technology on the network environment, sum up the direction of the E-learning platform construction, at the same time, based on the key quality of personnel in the 21st century, that is, from the students self-learning ability, thinking ability and innovation ability, come to the building direction of resource library.Finally, based on the conclusions of the above, the application status and demand of teaching service functions put forward some new advices about the construction of teaching service functions and design a structure module map, and then K12 primary and secondary education website as an example to analysis section and teaching service functions, summary the site problems of teaching service functions, based on the structure module map to put up some suggestions for improvement.

In “The Emerging Structure of International Politics” (International…

In “The Emerging Structure of International Politics” (International Se(?)urity, Fall 1993), Kenneth Waltz asked, “How can an alliance endure in the absence of a worthy opponent?” Waltz’s answer is that “NATO’s days are not numbered, but its years are.” But after many years, NATO still exists and it seems that there is no reason to suspect its endurance at least at the present time.Why did Waltz draw the wrong conclusion? The first reason is that Waltz does not intend to regard assumptions as realities and he insists that assumptions are neither true nor false. He defines states’ behaviors according to rational assumptions but leaves out states’ rationalities when he explains and predicts the processes and outcomes of international politics only because the results of states’ actions are not consistent with states’ rationalities. But not all countries have the same rationalities, at least some countries, especially those countries like the United States that seeks to establish hegemony, do try to control balance politics. Balance politics has powerful effects on American foreign policy and the balance of power after the Second World War is what the United States makes of it Waltz’s systemic theory, which is a kind of parsimonious theory, deals in idealizations, and it can’t make precise predictions because the realities of international politics do not correspond to idealizations.The second reason is that Waltz’s systemic theory is not a theory of prediction but a theory of explanation. Systemic theory does not possess the function of prediction because it only focuses on explanation. How can a theory of explanation make precise predictions about the processes and outcomes of international politics?The third reason is that systemic theory puts emphasis excessively on system and structure but leaves out factors at unit level. Waltz’s systemic theory subjectively sets two independent variables, which are the anarchy of international politics and the distribution of capabilities across units, but it does not show the causes of those two variables. What is especially important is that it does not show the causes that lead to the changes of the distribution of capabilities across units. The balance of power does not necessarily result from anarchy, and structural factors, which are

Research and Implementation of Analog Circuit Diagnosis System Based on BP Neural Network and DSP Technology

The applications of large-scale integrated circuits allow the scale and the structure of a network to be more and more functioned and modularized with the development of modern electronic industry. So it is an urgent subject in practical project to study how to identify the fault elements correctly by using modern diagnosis technique for large-scale circuits with tolerance, and it is also a key step for practical application of fault diagnosis for analog networks theory and technology.This dissertation based on NNs profoundly studies fault feature extraction and fault diagnosis methodology. It academic foundation is modern test technology,signal processing , information fusion and testability analysis,etc. the analog circuit soft fault diagnosis is realized to select test electric circuit by using TMS320F2812 under the Components existence tolerance condition . Author’s mian work concentrates on eight aspects as follows:1、The application of BP neural network in analog circuit faults diagnosis and the fault features extraction are discussed in detail . The training program for weight values and threshold values is compiled under Matlab environment, and the simulation results validate the feasibility of the method.2、The simulation source program of the measuring electric circuit is compiled under PSpice4.02 environment, and Montecarlo analysis is carried on to obtain the neural network trained data sample set.3、The fault sample set is established by using the multi-frequency combine method.4、The four kinds of frequencies PWM signals are generated by using DSP, which are passed through four groups three steps filer circuit to obtain needed four kinds of frequencies excitation signals.5、By using the TMS320F2812 performance characteristic , the corresponding interface circuit is designed, and its PCB board is made.6、The digital filter program is compiled under MATLAB Environment, and the filter Coefficient is obtained.7、Under the CCS integrated development environment, the corresponding AD data acquisition programs、the SCI communication programs、the PWM Waveform programs and the LCD realization programs are compiled. The PC receive programs are compiled under VB environment.8、The result that the actual tolerance circuit is tested indicates the diagnosis system is of useful value.

The Total Synthesis of Cannabinol

Marijuana is recognized as one of the world’s three largest drugs. However due to the important pharmacological and physiological activities of cannabinoids which are the active ingredient of marijuana, scientists pay more and more attention to them. Cannabinol,△9-tetrahydrocannabinol, and cannabinodiol are prominent members of this family. Recent study has found that cannabinol can selectively bind to CB2receptors to produce unique pharmacological activity. This discovery attracts the interest of chemists to study it, At the same time, It also brings new challenges to chemists to explore simple, convenient and high yielding synthetic strategies.Based on the new discoveries of our research group,we designed a new approach to synthesize cannabinol.First, the key step of intramolecular Diels-Alder reaction was studied. We constructed2-pyrones through simple reaction, then explored their [4+2] cycloaddition as dienes with acetylenic dienophiles to obtain the optimal reaction conditions.The synthesis of cannabinol:Starting from3,5-dihydroxy benzoic aci, we got the important intermediate of1,3-dimethoxy-5-amyl benzene through a series of reactions. It underwent acylation through the method found by our team, Michael addition, ester hydrolysis, decarboxylation, ring-closing and oxidation to get the derivative of2-pyrone. The skeleton structure known as6#-dibenzo[b,d]-pyran-6-one was then constructed using the above-mentioned optimal conditions to intramolecular Diels-Alder reaction. Further oxidization and nucleophilic addition gave the target molecule.The structures of new synthetic intermediates were confirmed by HRMS,1H-NMR and13C-NMR.

Based on the Cluster Development of Hubei Province Automobile Manufacturing Industry Competitiveness Research

With the global integration trend is increasingly obvious, the area betweenthe cooperation and competition is more closely. Each area is activelycommitted to improving the competence of regional industry, createcompetitive advantage of industries, in promoting regional economicdevelopment. At the same time, the industrial cluster is a new form ofindustrial space organization, it emphasized the regional division and regionalresources integration capability, and its effects on regional economic growthand industry to enhance the competitiveness of action are shown increasingly,more and more scholars begin to pay attention to the industrial cluster and theregional industrial competitiveness and the relationship.Industrial cluster is the important sign of area competition ability, can say,the theory of industrial cluster is in line with China’s national conditions ofregional development theory. Our country has entered the industrial clustersand industrial competition ability is closely related to the stage, with theHubei province automobile industry as an example, automobile manufacturingindustry in Hubei Province as one of the four pillar industries, plays a basicrole in control and support economic growth in Hubei Province, is a majorforce in. Therefore, this article chooses Hubei province automobile industryas an example to analyze and study.In this paper, in order to industrial competitiveness and industrial clustersof related theory, combining qualitative analysis with quantitative analysis,discusses the internal relationship between them. At the same time, this articletake the Hubei province automobile industry as an example, based on theperspective of industrial cluster, the industry competition ability undertook anempirical study. Research is mainly divided into five parts:the first partmainly elaborates the research background and significance, as well asdomestic and foreign research review;the second part is the theory part,focuses on the analysis of industrial competitiveness and industrial cluster on the basis of the theory of industrial competitiveness,industrial cluster andrelationship,and introduce a theory to analysis and identify this paper uses theanalysis method;the third part is the part of empirical analysis,first using thefactor analysis method to the Hubei province automobile manufacturingindustry cluster and industrial competitiveness empirical analysis,andregression analysis on the Hubei province automobile manufacturing industrycluster and competitive relationships among.The fourth part is the overallevaluation and countermeasure suggestion part, based on the result ofempirical analysis, in the second part, based on the theoretical analysis of thefirst Hubei province automobile manufacturing industry competitivenessoverall evaluation, then the corresponding propose how from the perspectiveof industrial cluster promotes the Hubei province automobile manufacturingindustry competitiveness of countermeasures; the fifth part is the summary.

Marxist Theory of Women’s Evolution in China’s History and Its Contemporary Enlightenment

Generally speaking, women’s theory of Marxism is a revolutionary teachers of Marx,Engels and later Marxist theory are the use of the materialist conception of historyunderstanding and analysis of women’s issues formed the Basic theoretical perspectives onwomen’s emancipation and development. The great revolutionary teacher Marx and Engels inthe process of human history, once the huge energy research and to explore the issue ofwomen’s liberation and development. Critically inherit the previous theoretical results on thebasis of exploring women oppressed the root is the creation of women’s theory of Marxism,and the majority of women’s Social role, Social rights and fight for the liberation of way androad problems were detailed The theoretical analysis and scientific generalization. Theory ofwomen as an integral part of women’s theory of Marxism with Chinese characteristics alongwith China’s national liberation movement and the socialist construction process to create anddevelop the Marxist theory of women to enrich and supplement. Marxist Feminist Theory ofthe development of Chinese women’s movement has important theoretical significance andpractical value. The introduction of the Chinese women’s movement have a scientific,systematic theory guiding ideology for the first time, the Chinese Communists in the processof interpretation and application of this theory, the combination with social and historicalbackground, eventually forming have to adapt to the theoretical development of the Chinesewomen’s liberation.This paper attempts to analyze the two great revolutionary teacher Marx, Engelsideological formation and the main content of the foundation, to China’s four generation ofcore leaders of the women thought as the clue, elaborated by Marx feminist theory as a guideto China Women Sports Science Theory in Chinese history, and on the basis of summarizingMarx feminist theory in Chinese history gives us important enlightenment. Therefore, thispaper is divided into four main parts:The first part is mainly about Marx feminist theory formation, including the formation ofbackground is elaborated and the formation of the trajectory of the text research. From thetime of carding Marx feminist theory formation and development of the thinking process,summed up their operations in the choroid is composed of human liberation to the women’s liberation, and the women’s liberation through to the emancipation of human beings in such arelated process, in-depth study in order to pave the way for the following.The second part elaborated the main content of Marx’s feminist theory. From theoppression of women in this has always been the focus problem sets out, elaboratedseparately the Marx doctrine on the nature and source of oppression of women, women in thesocial progress and the historical development of great effect and the emancipation of womenand the Basic way to choose the path of other aspects in the women’s perspectives.The third part discusses Marx feminist theory in Chinese historical evolution process.The core of the four generation of leaders to the party as the theoretical clue, hunting in thedifferent history background, the leader of the party on Marx’s feminist theory in the concretepractice in China, its purpose is to discover their ideological origins come down in onecontinuous line, the intrinsic relationship. Including the period of new democratic revolution,Mao Zedong ‘s” four women’s right to oppress ” ideology and the construction of socialistconstruction thought of the five-power; initial exploration period, Deng Xiaoping ‘s thoughtand women women’s participation in politics in the world thought; the party’s third generationof collective leadership to solve domestic women’s movement in the reform and opening up ‘sbewilderment and challenge, the first system to put forward what is the Marx doctrine viewof women and for the first time as a Basic state policy of equality of men and women to rise,further deepened and promoted the Marx doctrine theory on women development in China;since the new century, Hu Jintao as the core of the new generation of the party’s collectiveleadership in the construction of Socialist Harmonious Society Context Interpretation ofwomen employment security theory and gender harmony. This is the focus of this paper is thedifficulty place.The fourth part is based on Marx’s feminist theory in China the evolution process of thecomb, summarizing the history gives us important enlightenment. This paper argues that,only by summing up the historical basis, closely button” comprehensive development ” of themodern women’s development demand and theme, in view of the current development ofChinese women facing main problems and tasks,in draw historical experience and lessons onthe basis of, respectively, from strengthening the leadership of the party, develop productivityenergetically, optimize economic structure strengthening the construction of social security system, improve the women’s subject consciousness four respects to take step,from all fieldsof all the way to the emancipation of women development to create a full range of favorableconditions, to promote all-round development of Chinese women.

The Existence of Global Solutions for a Class of Schr(?)dinger Equations

In this paper we study the Cauchy problem of a class of Schrodingerequation and the initial boundary value problemWe obtain the existence of solutions and the blow-up of solutions for the problemwhen1<p<∞,n=1,2;1<p≤(n+2)/(n-2),n≥3.Firstly, by using the potential wellmethod we prove the global existence of solutions of the Cauchy problem, thenwe use the energy method discuss the blow-up of solutions of the problem.Secondly, by introducing a family of potential wells, the global existence ofsolutions of the initial boundary value problem are studied. Finally we discuss theblow up phenomenon of solutions. And the known results are generalized andimproved essentially.

In resent years, with Heidegger’s works constantly re-publishing, an…

In resent years, with Heidegger’s works constantly re-publishing, and the evaluation and research on his thoughts gradually deepening, the study of Heidegger’s art view has been an important aspect of domestic study on him. Generally speaking, the present research on Heidegger’s aesthetic and art view are mainly emphasized on such aspects as follows: the first one is the relationship between the traditional aesthetics and that of Heidegger’s; the second one is his Basic aesthetic thought and art view; the third one is his ontologic poetics; the fourth one is Heidegger and aesthetic modernity; the fifth one is about how his aesthetics developed by stages. By summarizing, we can find that, though the present research on Heidegger’s aesthetic and art view has made certain accomplishment and some insightful works have been published, there still exist some problems such as single discussion, careless classification, “attaching labels” and so on. Few works have deeply analyzed Heidegger’s aesthetic and art view, and we need to do more research to find out the inherent association of certain issues.Based on making a simple discussion on Heidegger’s Philosophy, this thesis studies the inherent relation between each aspect his art view included, discuss the point Heidegger looked through and different methods that he used to study art, also pay attention to the part that Heidegger’s art view surpasses traditional aesthetics and artistic theory to obtain the essence of his art view. So, there includes six chapters in this thesis to do relevant research.In chapter one, it makes a single discussion on Heidegger’s Basic ontology. Based on this, it illustrates how the Basic ontology relates with artistic issues, and the guiding effect of the research on art. From this, we can find that, the manner of writing this thesis is: using hermeneutic way, viewing art from the most essential factor —the work of art, and at last return to the work.In chapter two, it discusses the relationship between existing, truth and the work of art. Studying from the nature of the artistic work, we know how the work of art relates with truth. Learning from the creation of the artistic work, we understand how the truth goes into the work of art. This chapter mainly talks about the substance quality, the nature and the producing of artistic work, making a foundation to discuss the essence of Heidegger’s art as follows.Chapter three is about the essence of art. By doing the research, we know that Heidegger’s final goal is not to discuss the nature of the work, but to answer what is art. He unifies the artistic work on hand and originator’s preservation as a concept of “poet”, and calls the essence of art “poet”. So this chapter emphasizes on the concept of “poet”.Chapter four mainly talks about the second stage of the artistic work’s preservation: After the work was created and broke away from its originator, how can the work be an independent being that differ from others and visualize the truth contained in it? This chapter also involves the accepter who has a close relationship with the second stage of the artistic work’s preservation.In chapter five, it first explains several Heidegger’s conclusive argument about art. Compared with traditional art view, a more reasonable, advanced research manner and viewpoint has been shown out in Heidegger’s art view. This chapter also concludes Heidegger’s view on the essence of art.Chapter six is about the evaluation of Heidegger’s art view. In the first five chapters, we try to analyze the relation between each part of interior art from Heidegger’s point of view, and summarize the essence of art. In this chapter, we jump out from the artistic research view of Heidegger himself, while concentrate on other’s thoughts about Heidegger’s art view, and find out the rationality of his view of the essence of art, at the same time, we also discuss the deficiency of his view from our own aspect and try to correct the unsatisfying parts.

Electrical Properties of Tin Oxide Composite Thin Films Fabricated by Sol-gel Method

Tin oxide is a kind of typical n-type metal oxide semiconductor material. Due to its excellent perfromance in conducitivity, optics and resisting, it has been widely applied in the fields of transparent conductive thin films, solar cell, gas sensors and so on. Domestic and foreign research progresses in SnO2thin films were reviewed in this paper. Sol-Gel method was adopted because of its advantages, such as low cost, easy deposition of thin film.In experiment, firstly, we using metal salts SnCl2·2H2O, CuCl2·2H2O and ethano as precursors, thin films of tin oxide and copper oxide-doped tin oxide with good electrical properties have been deposited by the sol-gel method. After that, some key parameters were defined by the X-ray diffraction (XRD), Scanning electron microscope (SEM), Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and Electrochemical workstation, such as thin films microstucture, morphology, resistance and so on. It has been found that the optimum heat treatment temperature ia about450℃-500℃and higher temperature can benefit the crystallization of tin oxide crystals, the tin oxide crystals exist mainly as tetragonal rutile structure, despite of some rhombic SnO crystals. The resistance of copper oxide doped tin oxide is lower pure tin oxide in all heat treatment temperature. In view of the various factors, we choose the heat treatment temperature is450℃. In this temperature, we studied the electrical properties of copper oxide depod tin oxide with different number of spin coating layers and the different content of polythylene glycol (1000), this films were also analyzed by means of XRD, SEM, TEM and Electronchemical workstation.In theorly, with the combination of the aerodynamics and the theory of gas adsorption, we present a simple model for the simulation of the steady state gas sensitivity of a metal oxied thin film gas sensor. The model puts forward a general mathematical relationship between the steady state sensitivity of the gas sensor and the thickness of the sensitivity film used. Besides we propose another model which will be used for analyzing the response time depedence of metal oxide thin film thickness. In summary, we fabricated a series of tin oxide and copper oxide doped tin oxide thin film with different content of polythylene glycol (1000) with using sol-gel method, The film samples were systematically characterized aspects of microstrcture and electrical properties, In theory we present a simple model for the simulation of the steady state gas sensitivity of a metal oxied thin film gas sensors. Besides, we propose another model that can be used for analyzing the response time depedence on metal oxide thin film thickness.