Research on Parallel Processing of SAR Image Change Detection

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) has been more widely applied to military andcivilian fields, The major advantage of SAR is its all-weather capability that allowsthe acquisition of time series of imagery with exact acquisition dates under allclimatic conditions. One of the major applications of SAR is change detection. It is aprocess that analyzes a pair of images acquired on the same geographical area atdifferent times in order to identify changes that may have occurred between theconsidered acquisition dates. Because of the computation challenge from a largenumber of SAR image, serial processing based on single Computer is difficult tosatisfy rapid processing. So we need to develop a parallel algorithm which fullyintegrates the advantages of software and hardware to satisfy the actual requirement.In this paper, a parallel processing program of change detection based on PCAalgorithm is proposed on the multi-core processor VPF2. The contributions andrelevant work in the paper are as follows:1.Firstly, This paper introduces the concepts of SAR change detection, includingbasic steps of change detection, classical algorithms and some problems existing inthis field, proposes a SAR image change detection algorithm based on PCA. Differentchange detection methods are used to detect the real image and simulative image onMATLAB. Analyzing and comparing the detect results their indicate their advantagesand disadvantages.2.Secondly it introduces the related concepts of parallel processing. Combiningwith the characteristics of change detection algorithms and rich hardware resources onVPF2platforms, a parallel processing program of change detection based on dataparallel model is proposed.3.In Chapter4, it presents design, function and implementation of ChangeDetection Parallel Processing system based on C/S model, which composing by thePC running the client user interface and VPF2acts server processing algorithm. Thespeedup and efficiency of parallel computing are analyzed with the tests of parallelcomputing of change detection by the images of different sizes. Finally, the mainwork of this paper is summarized and the shortages of our work are presented andpersonal opinions about this study field are given.

The Research on Teacher’s Professional Development Based on Educational Ecology

The issue of talent’s personnel training is highly attendant, then the issue of teacher professional development is becoming more clearly. The theory of teacher specialization and teacher’s professional development are flourishing, and becoming new trend in contemporary international teacher’s development. The study stands at the whole educational environment to analyze sires of issues in teacher’s professional development, then on this basis, construct the network platform.Chapter one is the Literature Review; chapter tow have stated the educational ecology theory; then chapter three has defined the concepts in teacher’s professional development, sum up problems and current situations which teacher’s professional development have in present.;chapter four is the main content of this thesis, research the teacher’s professional development as a system meticulous from the perspective of educational ecology, the study concerns itself also concerned about the system’s environment, beginning with every parts in teacher’s development, find the limiting factor in the part and propose the solution strategy about how to exclude it. Chapter five bases on the strategy, using modern information technology and network technology as the foundation, construct the network learning platform which has taken educational ecology as a guide for teacher groups.Chapter six is the concrete realization of the platform; introduce the operating environment, development tools and functional use.The study salute the questions in teacher’s professional development, find the root of the problem truly, at last make a good environment for the main to develop healthily and comprehensively.

The Search for the Educational Strategic Thinking of Chinese Communist Party Since the Reform and Opening-up

The fundamental plan of China’s socialist development is Education, related to fortunes rise and fall. Since the reform and opening-up, facing the complicated international and domestic situation, Deng Xiaoping calls the society to pay much attention to Education at the strategic point, and also proposes the”three for”educational strategic thinking. Facing the very beginning of the knowledge economy and the rapid rise of the sustainable development, the third generation of the leadership at the core of Jiang Zemin makes the strategy of strengthening the country through science Education and the talent. In the new age, the educational strategic thinking of the Communist Party has the further development. The new generation of leadership, on behalf of Hu Jintao, proposes a people-oriented, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable educational strategic thinking. The”national long-term education Reform and Development Plan (2010-2020)”, has been introduced at this period.This thinking is the same strain and growing constantly. According to the systematic search, this strategic thinking helps us aware of the thinking’s status and role in Economic and Social development, and the contribution for the goal of building socialist modernization. The thesis makes the search for the educational strategic thinking of Chinese Communist Party since the reform and opening-up, using the method of comparative analysis, documental analysis and induction. It has five parts in all.The first part focuses on the definition of the educational strategic thinking on the basis of analyzing the origin of ideological content and theory of education.The second part elaborates the historic background and Basic content of Deng Xiaoping educational strategic thinking, and carries forward and abandon of Mao Zedong educational thinking.The main points of the third part is about the background, content of the third generation leadership at the core of Jiang Zemin, and inheritance and development of Deng Xiaoping educational strategic thinking.The fourth part is about the background and content of new generation on behalf of Hu Jintao, and inheritance and development of the former educational strategic thinking.

A Extension of Pension Security: Research on the Elderly Human Capital Exploitation in the Society of Empowerment

Old-age security plays a significant effect on the interests of every family andeach family member, it requires participation from everyone of them. Especially, withthe progress of population aging speeding up in our country, revolution of pensionsecurity has occurred with enormous changes from pension system to practice, whichis one of the most important aspects in promoting continuous reform in our country.However, in face of the severe situation caused by imbalanced supply and demand ofold-age security in our country which might be worsen in the future20years, and thestruggling Social reality in both traditional family endowment and Social endowment,exploring broader subjects which focus on enhancing self-elder pension on old-agedsecurity came to be an inevitable demand on social development.This paper takes the elderly as research objects, striving to change the conditionof aged people from having no ‘right’ in the society to possess ‘right’ throughincreasing power and empowerment, and then developing elderly human capital toassist them to be self-sufficient and ultimately achieving the goal of self pensionbased on the social rights theory.First of all, this paper analysed the significance on old-age security played byincreasing power in developing human capital of the elderly in aspects of the elderlyspiritual needs, the elderly self value, reducing society burden, facilitatingorganization and Management, maintaining social stability, remission on labourshortage and promoting the sustainable development of national economy and so on.On this basis, this paper describes the current status of the elderly who lost their‘right’ in detail through massive literature investigation, qualitative and quantitativeanalysis, which mainly indicates the difficulties in developing human capital of theelderly in our country caused by dissatisfaction on employment needs. In addition,elderly people often suffer from discrimination in social life and age limit in somesocial policies which are evidence in elderly people’s ‘right’ loss. Reasons led to theseunfairness are from elderly themselves, institutional and social factors. Furthermore, this paper draws lessons from the practical experience on humancapital development of the elderly from the United States, Japan and Singapore, thenexploring efficient paths towards senior citizen capital development in our countryfrom the perspective of increasing power. From psychological structure empowermentto structural type empowerment, this paper aims to help stimulate potential of theelderly from the inside out and encourage them to participate in social and economiclife again. It is an undoubtedly a win-win strategy to both the state and senior citizensby encouraging them to create wealth on their own and realise self-sufficient duringtwilight years. Specifically, development on elderly human capital might be realisedby two methods. First, psychological empowerment could be gained by elderlythrough setting up correct understanding on their own value and converting socialcognition towards the aged. Second, it might be achieved by further perfection onelder people social protection mechanism, social supporting system and politicalenvironment.Certainly, under the circumstance that aging process continuously accelerating inour country and heavy pressure created by social endowment, to study on elderlyhuman capital development comes to be a challenging task. However, from along-term perspective, aging process would slow down and pressure from socialpension would rise. Therefore, to discuss how to enhance self protection on elderpeople from the perspective of empowerment seems to be prospective and creative.Furthermore, it is of certain political significance to convert pension pressure frompopulation aging into labour capital power to create social wealth. However, theresearch is still in exploratory stage. It is expected that some contribution could bemade to those researches in this field through the efforts from this paper.

The Ba-sentence Teaching at the Primary Stage of TCFL: a Construction Grammar Perspective

With the rapid increase of China’s level of Economic development and the overallnational strength, Chinese has been widely spread in the world. This has promoted theteaching research and development of Chinese on one hand,Advanced the progress of theoryand practice,but at the same time we have also seen the emergence of many newissues.Grammar teaching has always play an important role in second language teaching.How can we get better grammar teaching methods is worth thinking and exploring.The”BA”sentence is a Unique sentence in Chinese,and Occurrence frequency is high.It has beenconcerned by the linguistics field for a long time,and and have made great achievements inontology research.In recent years,Influenced by the research and development of teachingChinese as a Second Language, Studies on Teaching “BA”sentence in Chinese as a SecondLanguage is also increasing. Scholars investigate the teaching method of this particularsentence from multiple angles,but the result leave much to be desired.We also found, thepractice and research of “BA”sentence teaching has biased towards formal descriptions for along time,Regardless of its semantic and pragmatic function, Therefore, we need to rely onone kind of theory to explore a new type of teaching method of “BA”sentence in teachingChinese as a Second Language,to achieve the integration of the forms, semantics, andPragmatics.The Construction Grammar is formed on the basis of critical reflection on Chomsky’sformal linguistics.It was a kind of usage-based grammar,which born out of CognitiveGrammar, more adapted to the cognitive universals.It attached great importance to theClose connection among syntactic, semantic and pragmatic.The Construction Grammarbelieves that the construction is the Basic unit of language and cannot is derived from otherforms and meanings.As a new grammar, The Construction Grammar arousing extensive concerns for its strong explanation power and great application value, in recent years alsobegin to attract Chinese academic attention.Some are focus on the introduction and reviewof construction grammar,some are apply this grammar to the explanation of Chinese,thisattempt give us some enlightenment.Currently Construction grammar for teaching Chinese as a second language study is stilla small number,Require in-depth exploration.”BA”sentence is a traditional hard problem,CanConstruction Grammar provide us with a new perspective? My topic attempts studying fromthis perspective, analyzing the rationality about the existence of the “BA” Construction andshortcomings in the teaching of syntactic, semantic and pragmatic about “BA”sentenceduring the Primary Stage of Teaching Chinese as a second language,And then investigate theapplication of Construction Grammar in the Teaching practice of “BA”sentence. our aim is toimprove the effectiveness of teaching. not only enables the students to learn the syntax of”BA”sentence,but also grasp its semantic and pragmatic function,thereby learn how tocorrectly use “BA”sentence sentence

Ethical Literary Criticism of Milan Kundera and His Fiction Creation

Milan Kundera (1929 -) is a world-famous novelist who creates a lot of great novels due to his unique perspective on novel.His works are so popular around the world that they have been paid more and more attention to by many criticizers both home and abroad. The thesis makes a study on Milan Kundera and his creations from the perspective of literary ethics.The first part focuses on literature ethics. As a systematic method of literary criticism, literary ethics was first proposed by Central China Normal university Professor Nie Zhenzhao in 2004.In the recent several years, the theory has developed quickly and has been wisely used. It has been proved that it is of great significance to introduce literature ethics to literature domain. The thesis makes an analysis on Milan Kundera and his creations from the perspective of literary ethics and proves its feasibility.The second part makes ethics analysis on Milan Kundera’s creation background and his ideas from aspects of society culture, his experiences of politics and religious life. Conclusions are draw as: Kundera’s views are liberalism and the moral relativism ethics, which can be found through his creations.The third part is the analysis on Milan Kundera’s novel view. Combined with his ethics tendency, the thesis explores the objective and in-depth ethics connotation of his works. Discussions focus on the following two parts: first, hard ethics position in political context; second, hard ethics position under the conflict between body and mental.The fourth part is the case study of Farewell Waltz, whose subject and ethics connotation are under discussion. The author’s concern for life and human nature are analyzed.

Preparation of Monodispersed Colloidal Silica Particals and Fabrication of Silica Colloid Crystal

In recent years, colloidal crystal technology has attracted an increasing interest due to its various applications in the fields such as ceramics, optoeletronic devices and photonic band-gap crystals and so on. Molecular sieves with hierarchical porous structure can be prepared by using the colloidal crystal template technology. This kind of materials is quite beneficial for large-molecule separations and substance transfers. To control the colloidal particle size and its monodispersity is the key in developing two- or three-dimensional self-assembled structures where individual colloidal particle plays the role of building blocks – artificial atoms. Therefore, relatively simple and reproducible approaches for the synthesis of colloidal particles with controllable size are of great fundamental and technological interest. So far, only silica and some polymer colloids can be routinely prepared with the narrow size distribution required for forming monolithic high-quality colloidal crystals. In the past decades, some nucleation mechanism of monodisperse silica colloidal particles formation were put forward. Unfortunately, to this day, none of the available nucleation mechanisms is able to explain all the experimental facts. In this contribution, based on the plenty of the present literatures and combining with the feature of our laboratory, we mainly carried out the following work and got some useful experimental results:I Controling different reaction experimental condition (the concentration of tetraethylorthosilicate, water, ammonia and the temperature), highly monodispersed silica colloidal particles with diameter range from 30nm to 800nm were synthesized freely. When the concentration of ammonia and tetraethylorthosilicate was increased, the particle sizes increased; When the reaction temperature was increased, the particle sizes decreased; when the amount of water was increasd, the particle sizes increased first, after a maximum value, then the particle sizes decreased. The formation mechanisms of the resultant silica particles under different reaction conditions were

The Basic Experience of CPC Correctly Dealing with the Internal Contradiction among People Since China Founding

Correctly handling internal contradictions among the people is an important issue that presented, studied and solved by comrade Mao Zedong, after completing the socialist reform and establishing the Basic socialist system. History has been proven that the correctly handling of contradictions among the people has always been the subject of national political life. At present, we are in the political, Economic and Social life has undergone profound changes in the transition, with the deepening of reform and opening up and Economic and Social transformation, Social and Economic elements, organizational forms, material benefits, and employment patterns have diversified. People think independence, selectivity, variability, and differences marked increase. In the interests of social transformation and restructuring process, in the interests of social transformation and restructuring process, the contents of internal contradictions among the people and manifestations, many new features have emerged. In such an extremely complex background, studying on Basic experience to correctly handle internal contradictions among the people of our party’s is of some theoretical and practical significance.The first chapter simply analyses the classic writer explanation on the internal contradiction among the people. Chapter Ⅱ is the main representative of the third generation leadership collective of the CPC over the correct handling of contradictions among the People theoretical explorations. Chapter Ⅲ focuses on our party in the correct handling of contradictions Among the People deficiencies and changes: First, awareness of contradictions perspective change ~ from the “political dimension” to the “economic dimension” and the second is resolving contradictions thinking on conflict transformation — from the “struggle of to the “unity” Third, the way to deal with contradictions change –from single approach to the integrated use of various methods. Chapter 4is the basic experience: We must correctly distinguish between two different kinds of contradictions;Must persist in taking economic construction as the central task, vigorously develop the productive forces;We must uphold and carry forward socialist democracy and promoting socialist democracy;Must adhere to the “rule of law” and “rule by virtue” combined;We must strengthen ideological and political work, pay attention to the level;Must adhere to the deepening of reform, institutional innovation;We must seize the unity of opposites laws, the use of “combining” approach to handle with internal contradictions among the people.

The Research and Implementation of Security Program of Collaboration Between Java Card and Smartphone Based on Openmobile

With the arrival of the mobile Internet era, the popularity of smart phones has become a major trend in the mobile phone market. The type of mobile intelligent terminal has changed the way of life of many people, to provide people with more powerful and more personalized applications. As the rapid development of secure service with the needs of the market, it is important to protect the data in the transaction process to provide users in a secure environment. Sensitive data of users can be securely stored through the collaboration between Java-SIM card and smart phones, which can make sure the sensitive data can’t be stolen and transaction packets can’t be cracked to establish a secure and trusted environment for users.In this paper, a solution of the collaboration between Java-SIM card and smart phones based on openmobile is proposed through the research and analysis of the security implementation mechanism in current e-commerce applications. An application on Android OS can communicate with the specific applet in the Java-SIM card through openmobile, and the data in the mobile payment process can be safely protected by this way with the integration of PKI authentication technology. On the other hand, the sensitive data, such as keys used to encryption and signature, etc. can be stored by an absolutely safe way theoretically. A system based on GP specification security framework is designed to provide unified Management and maintenance of the applets in the Java-SIM card that has been issued to users. We have designed the overall system Architecture and modules based on collaboration between Java-SIM card and Android OS, which contains an application on Android OS, an applet on Java-SIM card, a security server and a multi-application Management server, and the system is combined with the mobile applications which have the high security requirements.By the support of multi-application Java Card platform, the application on Android OS can manage the applets on Java-SIM card dynamically and remotely, such as installation, deletion, etc.

The Empirical Study of Chinese Local Government Bonds Issue Effect Factors

In order to solve in the process of urbanization, the local government faces a funding gap and financing, our country has relaxed to local government debt control, in2009by the Treasury bond issue local agent, followed by2011under the approval of the state council in2011, Shanghai, zhejiang, guangdong province and shenzhen in local government translated by pilot, this represent China in the development of the local bonds entered into a new phase.In this context, the exploration of our local bond issuance of the characteristics and the influence factors of the local bond issue is very important.This thesis mainly of five chapters, on local bonds are analyzed, and the key to local bonds the factors affecting the empirical analysis.The first chapter,introduction.This paper mainly introduces the topic selection to choose a background and significance, and introduces the present situation of the study at home and abroad. Chapter2, this paper introduces the connotation of the local bonds and theoretical basis.Is mainly to the local bonds the concept and characteristics of into the introduction.Focusing on the local bonds the theoretical basis of existence, mainly including:public goods theory and bonds theory and fiscal decentralization theory.On the local bonds with the introduction of the theory basis of connotation, the main reason is the hope of this paper is to study is full andcomplete.In the third chapter, at home and abroad and the development of bonds to place the comparative analysis.Including decentralization system the United States the development of municipal bonds, centralized system where the development of Japanese government bonds and is still in the initial stage of the development of the local bonds in China, mainly from distribution background and history, issued subject, investors, bond type, bonds scope of use of several aspects launches. The fourth chapter, local bond issue to influence factors of the empirical analysis.GDP per capita GDP, selection, general budget income, general budget expenditure, and the Social fixed assets Investment and town unemployment population were six variables, with Eviews6.0measuring software, respectively, to2009and2010our provinces,autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government local bond issuance of regression analysis of the scale.The results showed that our local bond issuance of considering the fairness and efficiency of two aspects: on the one hand, our country from the fair aspects to consider, translated to tilt the Midwest scale;On the other hand, considered the efficiency, support some financial receipts and expenditures good areas issue local bonds, to ensure that local bonds to expire debt servicing, reduce the risk of local bond market.Chapter5, policy construction.Establish and perfect the place respectively from the bonds of laws and regulations, improve its place of bonds operation mechanism and strengthen local bond three put forward the construction.All in all, this paper tries to analyzes from several aspects in the past three years, our country the place issued bonds, and the characteristic of through the measurement software, the influence factors of translated scale analysis, so as to have a clear understanding of the bond issue local characteristics in China, and puts forward policy Suggestions, hoping to our local debt market good orderly development.