A Multi-Perspective Study on “Chufei”

The paper is on the word “chufei”. It is based on the studies of previous researchers and makes a systematic analysis on “chufei” from multiple perspectives.The first chapter introduces the general situation of previous researchers’studies on the word “chufei”、the significance of innovation and research、the ideas of the research. After that, we explain the main theories adopted and source of the language materials are given.The second chapter mainly consists of two parts from the previous study, such as the analysis of the development of the word “chu” and the development of the word “fei”, combination processes of “chu” and “fei” and the grammaticalization of “chufei”. We concluded that “chufei” was bonded as a preposition in the early period of the Tang Dynasty and its meaning was “except”. The bonding time of “chufei” was after the preposition “chu”. The two synonymous frame “chu A bu B” and “fei A bu B” prompted “chufei A bu B”.”Chufei” evolved into conjunction in the late Tang period and its main function is to connect the front and back clause. During the late Tang Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, the conjunction “chufei” produced six sentence patterns which were the sources of modern Chinese “chufei” sentences.The third chapter respectively discussed syntax, semantics and pragmatics of the word “chufei” for the synchronic viewpoints, focusing on the pragmatic analysis,”chufei” not only can be used in simple sentences, complex sentences, but also in a text. There are five sentence patterns which are positive and negative.”chufei” has both “paichu” and “zhiyou” meanings. The logic semantic relation of clauses is conformance or exclusion. The main functions of “chufei” in pragmatics are focus mark function, emphasizing function, additional supplementary function, insert function and showing subjective attitude function. When it comes to a text,”chufei” connects the sentences as a textual conjunction. The semantic relations between the preceding and succeeding sentences are condition, add and turning.”Chufei” as a textual conjunction has the cohesive, outstanding, prognostic and prompting the topic functions.Chapter four applies to the above research and analyzes right and wrong sentences when the foreign learners use the word “chufei” from the perspective of Chinese being taught as a foreign language. After that, we put forward five teaching strategies aimed at “chufei” sentences foreign learners used、the five reasons for the “chufei” errors and descriptions of teaching outlines and teaching materials on “unless”.

The Study on the Synthesis and Performance of Degradable Cross-Linked Polyurethane

Polyurethanes (PU) are widely used to manufacture various Medical apparatus, and play an important role in the artificial organs and surgical materials, because of their outstanding mechanic performance, excellent biocompatibility and degradability. In this study, two series of cross-linked polyurethanes were synthesized and characterized in structure, and their thermal-stability and degradability were studied as well.1) A chain-shaped poly (ether-amine) (PEA) was synthesized through cycle-opening polymerization, using ethylene diamine, 2-chloroethanol and epoxy chloropropane as raw materials. PEA was then cross-linked with different diisocyanates to produce four cross-linked space polymers.2) chain-shaped polymer poly [N-(2-aminoethyl)-acrylamide] was synthesized through free-radical polymerization using acryl chloride and ethylene diamine as raw materials. Poly [N-(2-aminoethyl)-acrylamide] was then cross-linked with different diisocyanates to form three space polymers.The structures of the synthesized polymers were characterized and confirmed with IR spectra and NMR spectra (1H NMR or 13C NMR). Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) was employed to observe the surface morphology of the polymers. The thermal performance was examined using Thermogravimetry Analysis (TGA) and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC). The biodegradability and photo-degradability of the polymers were primarily investigated as well.It was found that:1) The synthesized cross-linked polyurethanes all possessed good thermo-stability. When the same diisocyanate was used as cross-linking agent, the decomposition peak temperature increased along with the content of the diisocyanate while the glass-transition temperature decreased.2) When the same quantity of same cross-linking agent was employed, the thermal-stability of the cross-linked poly (ether-amine) excelled those of cross-linked polyacrylamide.3) When the quantity of linear preformed polymer [the poly (ether-amine) or polyacrylamide] was equal to that of diisocyanate, the thermal stabilities of the cross-linked polymers from the diisocyanate containing phenylenes were higher than those of polymers from the diisocyanate containing alkylenes or naphthenes.4) After the photo-degradation of the synthesized cross-linked polymers, in their thermal-analysis, the thermal-decomposition peak temperatures decreased, the thermal weight-loss percentage increased, and the glass-transition temperature lowered; in addition, apparent holes or cracks appeared on the surface of the polymer.5) It is shown in the biodegradation of the poly(ether-amine)-based polymers that, in the absence of the hydrolysis enzyme, the weight-losing rates of the polymers were far lower than those in the presence of the enzyme. The degradation rate decreased when the quantity of the cross-linking agent increased, but increased along with the concentration of the enzyme.The two series of polyurethane synthesized in this study contains hydroxy or amino functions, which can react with other active monomers to modify the characteristics of the polymers, thus can broaden the application of the polymers. These polymers will fulfill different needs as degradable functionalized macromolecular materials, and promise a potential future.

The Research on the Employment Service System for Migrant Workers in the Perspectives of Social Capital Theory

Employment is the basis of people’s livelihood. Employment plays an important part in Economic development、Social stability and the realization of the fundamental well-being of people. Especially in the current special period of Economic transformation in China, the government is more concerned about the employment problems. Government Work Report 2011 proposed that we must continue to implement a more active employment policy and do everything possible to expand employment this year. Migrant workers are the largest group in the labor market. The employment of migrant workers is important and difficult for all levels of government. Solving the employment problems of migrant workers not only rely on the rapid Economic growth, more need to constantly improve the service system of employment of migrant workers to help them. Focus of this study is how to provide comprehensive employment services for the huge population of migrant workers.This thesis is divided into five parts:The first part is an introduction about background and significance of this research, research on employment service at home and abroad, the definition of several important concepts and methods of this study.The second part highlights the main ideas of Social capital theory, the important components of Social capital and a combination of micro and macro theoretical perspective in this research.The third part draw a conclusion that migrant workers find a job relying mainly on the relationships which is one of social capital on the basis of an empirical investigation in Puyang County, and the subjective and objective reasons of this phenomenon, and points out that the disadvantages of using relationship to find a job.The fourth part is the analysis of the deeper reason of migrant workers using relationship. The author believes that the key is lack of employment service network of migrant workers. Lacking of formal organization of migrant workers, Intermediary organizations lag behind the development of services and the weak Investment on system are the main reasons for the poor employment services for migrant workers. The fifth part proposes three solutions to build a network of services of migrant workers on the basis of the employment services network in Australia and the experience of Taxi driver of Youxian in Hunan. First, we should take full advantage of migrant workers’existing social relations to establish the associations of migrant workers strengthened the relationships between migrant workers. Second, we should continue to improve the development of migrant workers’intermediary services and play the resource allocation function of labor market. Finally, the government should try to make up for the social capital system, and be the bridge of the employment services for migrant workers network.In this paper, the main point of innovation in three aspects:(1)The innovation of theory. This article analysis the problems of the employment services of migrant workers by social capital theory, and propose measures of improving the employment service system of migrant workers. Social capital theory is a main theme running through this article. (2) The innovation of research methods. This article use qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis, including the methods of literature, comparative research methods and empirical research methods. (3) The innovation of content. This article not only analysis the relational capital of the migrant workers from the micro level, and the system of employment of migrant workers based in-depth analysis of capital from the macro level. It proposes the policy of improving the employment service system of migrant workers from the micro and macro perspective of the combination of social capital.

Training on educational technology ability for elementary and middle…

Training on educational technology ability for elementary and middle schools teachers, is an important measure to promote curriculum reform of Basic Education, and accelerate educational informatization, and also is an major way to advance professional development of teachers, again, as a whole, is one of the most important ways, in China, in order to adapt to the Social development and Education reform, and the implementation of the need of a system Engineering. The ultimate goal of training is to improve the training of teachers’Education technical ability. However, actually according to the survey, the partial teachers, after getting the training certificate book, still return to the old method, having no will to applied knowledge and skills, etc. which is learned during training, to teaching practice and improve their own instruction. Hence it cannot really reach the purpose of training, caused the training waste of resources in a certain extent. The reason of such circumstance mainly because the problems during the process of training transfer. The teachers do not transfer the content learned fully and exactly. Therefore, the study of factors affecting the training transfer on educational technology ability, for improving the effect of training transfer, is a very realistic topic.This research mainly adopts empirical method, analysising the factors affecting training transfer, based on the conclusion, to promote training transfer, to improve training effect, proposing relevant countermeasures. Countermeasures mainly include three stages:the first stage-the model’s construction of affecting factors stage. Through the reading of correlative literature, and the controlling of the research status and relevant theories of domestic and oversea training and migration, and factors affecting the training transfer, combining our primary and middle school teacher’s training of educational technology ability, construct the model. The second stage is empirical analysis stage. According to this model, compile items of training transfer behavior and the scale of affecting training transfer factors. After testing the reliability, forming a formal questionnaire, and release in Yulin, Ankang, Hancheng Analysis the questionnaire of “training transfer behaviour” and the seven factors affecting it:transfer motivation, evaluation of training, post-service of training, ganizational support, managerial support, job support, organizational culture, and the come to a corresponding conclusion. The third stage–the stage of puting forwards the tactics. According to the conclusion of the research, learning achievements can be provided for improving the effect of teachers’technical ability in primary and secondary schools, which considers from many aspects such as the transfer motive of trainee, training organization’s back-stage service, the pertinence of training content, and the establishment of transfer environment. Meanwhile, that also puts forward the countermeasures which are in order to promoting the training transfer of educational and technical ability of teachers in primary and secondary schools.The main conclusion of the empirical analysis stage in this research:It is basically qualified for the effect of training migration about the 231 teachers who were surveyed. Although they can apply the learning to teaching practice in a certain level, it exists a certain disparity between the ideal expectations and the reality. Among the seven factors, transfer motivation got a high score, which shows teachers are in common with a strong motivation in migration process. On the contrary, post-service of training afforded a low mark, which shows that the teachers trained are not satisfied with the service provided by the training organization. Particularly, when teachers had to face the problems in applications, the organization didn’t give the Corresponding guidelines. In seven in the influential factors, “the training content evaluation” and “training transfer behavior” have the maximum correlation, which demonstrate training content’s validity and practicality, and they have the biggest influence in training transfer behavior. We should focus on then in the after training. Six other factors and “training the migration behavior” also exist certain correlation,. Seven factors among also exist certain relationship; especially “transfer motivation “and” evaluation of training” Through the above, an empirical analysis shows that training the transfer behavior’s implementation is done according to all the seven factors’ influence; therefore, the role of each factor can not be allowed to ignore.

Controller Design of Tunable Fiber Fabry-Perot Filter and Its Application in RoF Links

With substantial growth of people’s information needs, the Wavelength Division Multiplexing(WDM) technology is widely used. As a key component of the WDM system, the tunable optical filter can select one wavelength from a certain wavelength range. So it has a good performance in filtering. And because of the characteristic of low insert loss, wide FSR and rapid tuning, people paid more attention on the application of tunable optical filter.In this paper, we introduced the present situation of the tunable optical filter and the characteristic among different kinds. In order to achieve the control of the tunable fiber Fabry-Perot filter made by Micro Optics Company, we desighed a circuit based on C8051F320 MCU. And then, we propose and experimentally demonstrate a cost-effective and tunable method to simultaneously implement PM-IM conversion and efficiency improvement for fiber-optic links by employing a fiber Fabry-Perot tunable filter and its controling circuit. The results demonstrate that the PM-IM conversion has been achieved and an about 10 dB gain of electrical signal power could be obtained with suitable optical carrier suppression for both 10 GHz and 20 GHz microwave input.

Research on the Illness Related Factors and the Relation with Constitution of the Adenomyosis

Objective:This study aimed to discuss the suspect relations between adenomyosis and its pathological factors, and discuss its interrelation with the patients’constitution, according to the Chinese medicine. Methods:Inquiring into 150 cases of adenomyosis patients and 150 healthy women, we collect and build up the data. Using the SPSS system to analyze the clinical data, try to find the related pathological factors and the high-risk physical characteristics. Results:Through analyzing the investigation results of the two groups, find that the case group is obviously higher than that of the control group in passive emotion, menorrhagia, long menstruation, primary dysmenorrheal, caesarean birth, the times of the operation in uterus, hysteromyoma and breast hyperplasia etc, the differences of which is significant (P<0.01). The case group is also obviously higher than that of the control group in the Education-level, brainwork, special diet of piquancy and raw or cold food, polymenorrhea, IUD contraception manner, which has significant differences (P<0.05).While in shortening menstruation (P<0.05), Oligomenorrhea, special diet of sweet food, short menstruation period (P<0.01), the case group is obviously lower than that of the control group, which has significant differences.2. Blood stagnation, qi deficiency, qi stagnation and Dampness and Heat types are obviously higher than other types in the patients of AD. The blood stagnation type is the predisposition to adenomyosis, which is 34.7% in the surveyed people. Conclusion:1. The Education-level, brainwork, special diet of piquancy and raw or cold food, passive emotion, menorrhagia, long menstruation, primary dysmenorrheal, IUD contraception manner, caesarean birth, the times of the operation in uterus, hysteromyoma and breast hyperplasia are pathological risk factors and shortening menstruation, Oligomenorrhea, special diet of sweet food, short menstruation period are protective factors.2. According to clinical survey, blood stagnation type is a predisposition to adenomyosis.

Computer-aided Design of Home Central Air-Conditioning System

The rapid development of Computer technology and information technology has brought revolution in building design technology, also supplied a useful tool for the design of air-conditioning system at the same time. In this paper, three-dimensional modeling and the new ideas of building information model being combined, carried out on the research of home central air-conditioning system design software development.The main line of the research is design process of Home central air-conditioning, combined with the features of powerful three-dimensional parametric model in SketchUp, and with the software platform of SketchUp,use Ruby and network programming language, a secondary development is applied to SketchUp software. Initial realized three functions: home central air-conditioning system load calculations, equipment selection and modeling three-dimensional parametric design capabilities. The main conclusions are as follows:(1) Based on the research of the application environment with SketchUp and network-based data. Established the Basic theory of three-dimensional parametric design software of home central air-conditioning system. Covered the initial parameter input, building cooling load calculation, equipment automatic selection and plug-in interface. The early stage of the software programming design considering the three-dimensional parametric modeling, building information modeling technology and network technology.(2) Implemented parameters input and equipment selection functions in a network environment, by application the concept of the building information model. Unified data structure, built a network model database and a parameter database and programmed a transfer function of network database and local software.(3) Complete software development of Home central air-conditioning system design with Web-based environment, and proved the functions through application. The result show that using the software can improve the air conditioning system load calculations work efficiency and reduce the selection time of air-conditioning system equipment design.(4) The design plug-in of Home central air-conditioning make intuitive design rapid change three-dimensional model, thus breaking the traditional designs on the designer’s ideological restraints. Building information model based software design, has some reference value to HVAC, structure, drainage and other architectural design software development.

Clinical Research of Flavored Five Kinds of Kernels Decoction in the Treatment of Heat Accumulation in the Intestines and Stomach of Constipation

Objective:To observe the security and clinical efficacy of treating heat accumulation in the intestines and stomach of constipation with flavored five kinds of kernels decoction.Methods:Methods of literature and clinical research were used. Literature research included summarizing the understanding of TCM about etiology, pathogenesis and treatment method of constipation due to heat accumulation in the intestines and stomach.This paper sums the present research situation of modern Medical science about the etiology and pathogenesis of FC, Which is the foundation of clinical research of this projeet.A total of 60 patients were ineluded in the study 30 of them received “five kinds of kernels decoction” orally at a dose of 150ml bid for 2 weeks. These patients formed the study group while the remaining 30,the control of group received Ma Ren soft capsule orally at a dose of the same to the study group. To observe the defecate frequency,feces traits and Defecate arduous degree, defecate time,abdominal distention process,TCM syndromes.Two groups were maken a comparative analysis.Results:The treatment group clinical total effective rate was 96.67 percent,70.00 percent for the control group,after statistical treatment, there’s significant difference(P<0.05); the treatment group in improving the general symptoms by the test, there is significant difference(P<0.05).Conclusions:Flavored five kinds of kernels decoction can effectively alleviate clinical symptoms of heat accumulation in the intestines and stomach of constipation, Obviously better than the control group. The treatment group in improving the general symptoms by the test is obviously better than the control group.

China is being involved in the process of modernization. “Modernity”…

China is being involved in the process of modernization. “Modernity” is a relative conception in the sense that there is no an unbridgeable gap between tradition and modernity. In other words, modernity embeds its root in the ground of tradition.Modernization is not only an event that continues the blood of tradition, but also has to face foreign cultures. In the process of comparison and interaction, our culture more or less but must assimilate the cultural peculiarity of other societies which are in the same times with us.Chinese Confucianism is the main culture from which we begun our modernization. As an official ideology in the past times, Confucianism deeply influenced the political, Economic and Social lives of our society from Qin and Han Dynasties on. Till now, Confucianism still deeply influences the soul and life of contemporary Chinese. It is the main cultural background of Chinese modernization.Western Liberalism represents the most Basic ideas that were followed by the political and Economic life of modern western society. It makes up the main political and cultural background of developed western countries at present. It is also the political reality with that we have to interact.Undoubtedly, we should compare and analyze, from Marxist standpoint, the political ideas of both Confucianism and Liberalism by historical and logical methods, which will be very meaningful for us to construct our modernized country with characteristics of socialist market economy and democratic rule of law. Just in this sense, I compared in this paper, based on the research achievements of our predecessors, the political thoughts and institution designs both Confucianism and Liberalism provided. I also studied the meeting and conflict, the warning and revelation of Confucian and Liberalism provided for us. This paper consists of four parts:Part one: The biggest difference between Confucianism and Liberalism is that in the process of constructing their own theories, the former aims at public interests and the latter seeks individual rights. In this part, I try to compare and analyze the nature of individual rights and public interests, the meaning of positive and negative freedoms,and the variety of equalities both defend. The Basic aim is to understand the essence of both political ideas from the viewpoint of human nature.Part two: Different political ideas produce different political institution designs. The theory of Goodness of Human Nature Confucianism provided tries to establish the rule of Sages by cultivating oneself strictly, putting the others in order, and making for perfect morality and sovereign good. So, the nature of Confucian political idea is autocratic monarchy, and its idea of treating people as the foundation of country is only a kind of non-coerce rule. In contrast, Liberalism chooses the democratic rule of constitution according to its gloomy theory of human nature. It advocates indirect democracy, public participation and elite politics. So, its core is individualism. It stresses the rule of law and the restriction to applying power.Part three: In modern history of China, Chinese Confucianism met and conflicted with Western Liberalism. This awoke some Chinese to reflect their own culture and therefore began the process of fusing Chinese culture with other cultures in the world, and of Chinese modernization.Part four: Contemporary Chinese Marxism overcomes the limitation of political thoughts in both Confucianism and Liberalism and provides the warning and revelation for us to construct Chinese political institution. Firstly, Marxism reveals the two characteristics of human freedom, i.e. subjectivity and passivity. It gives the conception of freedom almost complete significance. Secondly, Marxism stresses the integration of individual with society on the basis of practice. Therefore, its aim is the combination and integration of individual rights and public interests. Thirdly, Marxist equality means that everyone should have equal opportunity to live and develop oneself freely. It is the organic combinati

Logistics Business Planning for State Reserve Bureau in China

With the rapid development of economy and increase of logistics demand in China, State Reserves Bureau, which is responsible for strategic material reserves, has been operating Social logistics business for many years. To face with the highly competitive environment as well as the reform of the institutions, State Material Reserve should accomplish the separation between enterprises and institutions, at the same time improve the ability of competition in logistics business. The paper introduces research background and motivation, describes the situation of the State Material Reserve and problems existed in logistics business, then analyses the cause of problem. The paper secondly analyses the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats of State Reserves Bureau in logistics business, draw the development direction of the State Material Reserve logistics business. The paper suggests that State Reserves Bureau should keep traditional business and expand new business as well. Finally, the main implementation steps, the Basic conditions and the assurance measures are given to ensure the successful implementation of logistics business development planning.Nine figures and two tables are given in the dissertation. Thirty seven reference documents are cited in the paper.