Research on Life Prediction for the Weld Structure of Overhead Travelling Crane Girder

Overhead travelling crane is a requisite engineer equipment of the industrial transport in out country and it broadly used in dockyard and port as a large handling equipment to improve the capacity of handling operation. The box girder of the overhead travelling crane is a typical large welded structure. It is inevitably exist welding defect, such as inclusion, snick, crimping, crack and so on. The fatigue damage such as open welding, cracking or fracture will lead to fatigue failure of bridge crane metal structure. The girder of overhead travelling crane has a complex structure so it inevitably existence the stress concentration region. These region easiness to emerge cracks and eventually lead to fracture when endure the random alternating loads. Therefore, the welding position and stress concentration region of the main girder is the focus of our testing.In view of the complex structure of the overhead travelling crane girder, it is inevitable appear stress concentration position. And those position may prior appear fracture when endure random alternative load. So the detection should attach importance to stress concentration position. Carried out a numerical analysis using the finite element software ANSYS. By analyzing, found the stress and strain distribution and definitude risk position of the girder. And proceed evaluate to static and dynamic properties of overhead travelling crane girder.Because of the girder endures random alternative load, original load data cannot directness design to fatigue life prediction and fatigue experiment. So must proceed counting dispose to the original load data. According to the result of measurement and finite element analysis, using the method of rain-flow and fluctuation central to compile the open-type stress load spectrum of the fracture in girder. It provide important basis for fatigue experiment and fatigue life prediction.Application of VC++ compiled the bridge girder state evaluation and life prediction system. The main basis for the state evaluation system is”Requirements and methods of crane supervision and inspection”, and the system can evaluate the overhead travelling crane whole working condition and supply basis for fatigue life prediction. The main basis for the life prediction system is local stress-strain method、fracture mechanics and linear fatigue cumulative theory. Incorporation load spectrum and material property parameter, the system can convenience prediction fatigue life of fracture initiation phase and crack propagation phase. Apply the system and the open-type stress load spectrum of one fracture in girder to predict the crack propagation life of the girder.

Study of the Tensile Properties and Scale Effects in Graphene Sheets

Nanomaterials and nanostructures are the hot areas of today’s new material, and they arealso the core component. Among which, the research of carbon nano-materials is especiallymore prominent, such as carbon nanotubes, graphene and fullerene C60are typical. Theobject of this paper is graphene sheets, it has a distinctive mechanical properties, opticalproperties and electrical properties, it has the strong stiffness and toughness while it also has agood adsorption properties, it belongs to the semiconductor materials but with thesuperconductivity. All of the properties make the graphene sheets have broad applicationprospects.Molecular Dynamics method is widely used in the study of nanostructures, it can solvethe trajectory of atoms by the interaction potential and then to analyze the deformationmechanism of the nanostructures.In this paper’s study, the two-way stretch on different size of mono-layered graphenesheets were simulated with the Molecular Dynamics first, the tensile stress-strain relationshipand tensile failure modes were got, and the elastic modulus was calculated. The results showthat the tensile properties of mono-layered graphene sheets are almost not change with thechange of graphene sheets’ size. Secondly, in the case of the same size, the effect of layers,temperature, tensile strain rate and atomic defects on the tensile properties of graphene sheetswere studied, the results show that the tensile properties of graphene sheets are less dependenton the change of layers, but have a grate dependence on the temperature, the tensile strain rateand the atomic defect. Finally, take the small scale effect of nanomaterials into account, thesmall scale parameter’s scale-dependence of the graphene sheets’ deformation wassystematically studied using nonlocal elastic theory combined with the Molecular Dynamicssimulation, the relationship between the small scale parameter of the graphene sheets’deformation and the size, the chiral was also revelealed.

The Expressionistic Techniques in Eugene O’Neill’s Plays

Eugene O’Neill, the American playwright, was most creative in the years from 1920 to 1934. His great efforts and unique contribution have won him the Nobel Prize in Literature. O’Neill was not satisfied with the conventional techniques, so he tried on a lot of new techniques. Influenced by Stringberg who was called”Father of Expressionism”, O’Neil began to employ expressionistic techniques in his creation. His expressionistic works included The Emperor Jones, The Hairy Ape and so on. O’Neill was always concerned about human’s inner conflicts. Expressionism, to him, was not only a new and concrete writing technique, but also a bridge into human souls.This thesis is divided into five parts: Chapter One makes a literature review of critical study on Eugene O’Neill. Chapter Two is an introduction of the movement of expressionism including its origin, development and representatives; Chapter Three shows the reasons why O’Neill accepts Expressionism. Chapter Four and Chapter Five are the main parts which deal with the concrete use of expressionistic techniques and its theatrical effects and Chapter Six makes a conclusion of Eugene O’Neill’s achievements.This thesis aims to prove that influenced by the movement of Expressionism, Eugene O’Neill boldly used expressionistic techniques in his play, which brought vitality and originality to American theatre.

The Empirical Research of Merger Premium of Listed Companies in China

Acquisition premium is significant for the success of mergers andacquisitions. It helps M&A sides to make a reasonable price to the targetcompanies and overcome the blindness in the mergers and acquisitions.Mergers and acquisitions will provide a reference pricing for the companiesand improve the efficiency. However the domestic researches of this area isrelative less so this paper will choose the above problems to discuss andresearch. So it is of theoretical and practical significance to study theacquisition premium as a separate problem.The study uses conventional statistical and empirical research. Firstreview and sort out the previous theoretical results and empirical evidencecomprehensively and carefully. Then make assumptions based on thetheoretical and empirical evidence. Secondly this article chooses144casesinto the sample listed in Shanghai and Shenzhen on the Chinese mainlandcompanies. Finally on this basis make conventional statistical descriptivestatistics and regression analysis for the sample data and draw the outcome.Main results are as follows:1the premium of cross-industry mergers and acquisitions is lower than the same industry.2the stock market is positivelycorrelated with the acquisition premium.3the premium of controlling tradingis higher than non-controlling. The transferring ratio of controlling ispositively correlated with the acquisition premium.Based on the empirical findings the paper concluded: companies shouldreference the level of M&A premium in the three categories we shouldalso recognize the main factors which impact the M&A premium includingwhether mergers and acquisitions is cross-industry or not the return on equityof industry target company belongs to whether the transfer is controlling andwhether the target company is state-owned holding.Finally according to these conclusions this paper explain the relevantfactors combining the quo of China’s market and make the necessaryinstructions of further research direction at the end in the paper.

Passivation of P-type Black Silicon with Al2O3Film Deposited by Chemical Liquid Phase Deposition

Surface passivation process has been widely used in the semiconductor industry include integrated circuit and silicon solar cell. Inorganic oxide films, such as SiO2, SiNx and Al2O3et al. have become important points in the studying of semiconductor surface passivation process. Compared with other inorganic oxide, Al2O3with a large fixed negative charge density, which is very suitable to be used as the passivation material for p-type silicon solar cells. However, atom layer deposition used to passivate Al2O3on the silicon solar cells is expensive and complex. In order to seek a method aiming at operation simplification and cost reduction, we fabricated Al2O3thin film on p-type silicon by chemical liquid phase deposition (CLD). And then we researched the influence of different annealing temperatures on the electrical properties as well as the passivation effect of the film. The measurements include X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscope (SEM) were carried out to study the phase change, morphology and the thickness of the film. We found the high-quality Al2O3film can be obtained by CLD. The reflectance measurement shows the reflectivity of the samples increased approximately4%, which is caused by total internal reflection effect. Capacitance-voltage measurement (C-V) as well as transient surface photo-voltage (SPV) measurement suggested that the annealing temperatures can influence on the electric property and passivation effect. C-V curves shows a low density of fixed negative charge of the film for the lack of interstitial O and increasing annealing temperature even decrease its density, at the same time, the mobile positive charge density increased, which can degrade the field passivation effect of the film. SPV shows the recombination velocity of photon-generated carriers decreased that means carrier lifetime increased. A better passivation effect can be achieved by annealing between300and600℃. The exorbitant can lead to an inferior recombination velocity which implies a degenerated passivation effect.

A New Exploration of Marx’s View of Nature and Its Contemporary Significance

The relationship between human and nature is the fundamental problem of human existence and development. In recent years, because of the human irrational exploitation and utilization of natural, causing serious damage and pollution of nature:resource depletion, environmental pollution, soil erosion, etc. These unexpected ecological problems has threatened the existence of human race and become global focus areas. There now is an urgent need to rethink the relationship between human and nature and review the traditional view of nature. With the unique theory point of view, Marx’s natural view has attracted more and more people’s attentions. This is an attempt to reread and study the Marx’s view of nature in current ecological environmental problems. The very reason for Marx Philosophy to maintain exuberant and vitality is the Philosophy base, standpoint and method provided by Marx Philosophy. By making use of these tools Marx philosophy can be used to observe, analyze and solve practical problems.The traditional view of nature is of non-historical, non-practical view on relationship between human and nature. Marx analyzes the historical evolution of the Western view of nature. Marx’s natural view is established on the basis of Hegel’s and Feuerbach’s view of nature and is a big revolution in natural view. Marx’s view of nature is neither a simple mechanical patchwork of the previous view of nature, nor is a subjective conjecture. Marx understands the relationship between human, nature and history based on the practice, and gives it new connotations, which mainly involve the following areas: practical characteristic of view of nature, the historical dimension of view of nature and value appeal of view of nature. Marx tries to understand the relationship between human and nature not only in philosophy theory but also in the context of the critique of existing Social systems and Social change. Marx’s view of nature highlights its practical, dialectical and critical characteristic, which makes it beyond the traditional natural view and of theoretical and practical significance, In present days, with the thorough application of the Scientific Outlook on Development, Marx’s view of nature not only indicates direction for the solution of global ecological crisis, but also provides theoretical guidance for the socialist modernization construction.

Study on the MEMS Pressure-Sensitive Si-based Diaphragm with Complex Structure and Its Application

Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) technology has rapidly developed in recent decades and has become an important field of modern science and technology development. MEMS is a brand new high-tech with many outstanding characteristic, such as miniaturization, integration, mass production and multidisciplinary etc. With the rapid development of MEMS technology in recent years, MEMS devices have wide application prospect in the national economy and military defense. Thus, more and more researchers all over the world pay great attention to design and process of MEMS devices.We make a further research on silicon MEMS Si-based devices’design and processing technology. Meanwhile, we designed and fabricated a pressure-sensitive corrugated silicon nitride diaphragm. With respect to the common flat film, the corrugated silicon nitride diaphragm has the characteristics of small internal stress, high elastic modulus, high strength and good stability. The corrugated silicon nitride diaphragm has important applications in the field of optical sensing, acting as high-performance pressure and vibration sensing diaphragm.In the first chapter, we firstly introduce the research status, Basic characteristics and technical classification of MEMS technology, and discuss the development trend of MEMS technology. Then, we put forward the main research content and purposes of this paper.In the second chapter, we mainly introduce and analyze the photolithography process of MEMS, from four aspects, including photolithography principle, photo mask, and photoresist, photolithography equipment. Meanwhile, we summarize and analyze the various problems encountered in experiments, in order to troubleshoot problems and optimize MEMS process.In the third chapter, we intensively introduce the etching process in MEMS device fabrication, including wet etching (silicon isotropic etching and anisotropic etching) and dry etching (ion beam sputtering etching, plasma etching and reactive ion etching).In the fourth chapter, we focus on the fabrication of a pressure-sensitive corrugated silicon nitride diaphragm, based on the design and manufacture of MEMS devices. From early mask layout to the exploration of experimental data, we obtain a set of relatively suitable process parameters through a large number of confirmatory experiments, aiming to achieve corrugated silicon nitride diaphragm.In the fifth chapter, we firstly summarize the total work of this paper, and discuss and analyze some shortcomings in this paper. In addition, we put forward suggestions and prospect for the further research in this paper.

On Buddhist Influence on Chinese Poems in Vietnam from10th to14th AD

Buddhism was introduced and spread in Vietnam widely in2ndcentury AD.Ding Dynasty was established in968AD. After the independence of Vietnamfeudalism encouraged the Buddhism and Buddhism was engaged in the politics,namely theocracy. The “go out of the secularity” in Buddhism in10th-12thADhas built a good Social and cultural environment. Chan master is the maincreative subject for Vietnamese poem in10th-12thin Vietnam. And Buddhismhas exerted great influence on the emergence and development of Vietnamesepoem. The Buddhism was adored in Vietnam in13thAD. Buddhism developedslowly in14thAD with the rise of the Confucianism. However Buddhism alsoplayed a big part in Social and cultural aspect in Vietnam. Buddhism exertedgreat influence on the rise of Vietnamese poem in13th-14thAD. The creativesubject for Vietnamese poem expanded in13th-14thAD. And some scholars wasinvolved in the writing Vietnamese poem. The thrive of literature creation inChen Dynasty should be mentioned. Buddhism not only promoted theproduction and development of Vietnamese poem and made contribution to thethrive of the Vietnamese poem but also exerted influence on the contents,artistic style and aesthetic delight of Vietnamese poem. The content ofVietnamese poem in10th-12thmostly advocated Buddhism and was with thecharacteristic of didactic. However the number of Vietnamese poem in13th-14thhas exceeded the former.The create content and art content has also exceededthe Vietnamese poem in10th-12thAD.

Relationship between the Multi-faith and the Construction of Tibetan and Han Harmonious Ethnic Relations

The problem of Ethnic Relations is the combined result of various factors, but Multi-faith plays a large role in it, which is not only a course of the problem of Ethnic Relations but also a path to solve the problem of Ethnic Relations and it is one of the core elements in the construction of Harmonious Ethnic Relations in the area. The exchange and integration of the faith is benefit for enhancing the multi-ethnic groups’ cultural identity regional identity in multi-ethnic district, which will promote the sound development of ethnic relations and help to construct the Harmonious Ethnic Relationships. Faith also plays an active role in solving the problem of ethnic relations after its occurrence, which is mainly reflected in the mediation of the problems of ethnic relations by the main part in the faith.The article takes the perspective of Han and Tibetan ethnic relations in Madang, analyzing the main problems of the ethnic relations and its intrinsic link with the faith in Madang, analyzing the role played by the faith in the occurrence of the problems of ethnic relations, trying to find the path and method that can solve the problem of ethnic relations between Tibetan and Han. At the same time, at the individual level of national exchanges, cultural exchanges and integration of faith and promote inter-ethnic understanding and cognitive, which will soften the ethnic boundaries, strengthen regional identity, which has a very important role in promoting the sound development of the local ethnic relations. Generation and regulation of ethnic relations are closely related with faith, which must be distinguished, to avoid and prevent the negative impact of the belief in the culture of ethnic relations, give full play to the natural advantages of the belief in cultural mediation aspects of the problem of ethnic relations, lead the ethnic relations goes will.

Preparation of TiO2 Nanoparticles and Its Electrophoretic Properties

Electronic ink is a panel display technology, which ultilizes electrophoretic movement of particles in the microcapsules to realize display. In this paper, experiment steps were predigested, sphericity white TiO2 nanospheres were obtained via polymer latex templating procedure with Ti(OBu)4 as precursor, and calcinated at high temperature in air. To increase dispersibility and lipophilic degree, a better encapsulation was achieved by surface modification. Hollow or porous black TiO2-C composite particles were obtained via polymer latex templating procedure with Ti(OBu)4 as precursor, and calcinated at high temperature in nitrogen.Titanium/polymer deposit particles were obtained using soap-free emulsion polymerization and tetra-n-butyl titanate deposition. The sphericity TiO2 nanoparticles were made by sintering of deposit particles in air at 800℃by 3h, the size of the particles was about 350450 nm, the zeta potential in tetrachloroethylene was 5.20 mV, the density of TiO2 nanoparticles is 2.19 g/cm-3. The influences of reaction time, reactant and initiator’dosage and conditions on seed emulsion particles were investigated.Hollow TiO2 nanoparticles prepared were used as raw materials; the hydrophobic KH570-TiO2 particles were prepared by surface-modifying with a silane coupling agent, methacryloylpropyltrimethoxysilicane (KH570). Core-shell composite particles with modified-TiO2 particles as core, the copolymer of styrene and divinylbenzene as shell were prepared by dispersion polymerization.The influences of different addition form of styrene and initiator dosage on TiO2 / polymer core-shell composite particles were investigated. The results showed that diluted styrene were added in isobarically guttate filler, the effect was the best. The zeta potential of the core-shell composite particles in tetrachloroethylene was 3.10 mV, the density of TiO2 nanoparticles is 1.68 g/cm-3.Hollow or porous black TiO2-C composite particles were obtained. The XPS survey spectra of the composite indicated the presence of C, O, Ti ad N, and the mass ratio of TiO to TiO2 is about 4:6. The results of XRD patterns indicated that the composite contained TiO to TiO2, which validated the results of XPS. The composite nanoparticles were responding to the electric field (E = 5 0 V/mm), which showed that the composite particles had excellent electrophoretic properties.The morphology, ingredient and properties of particles were characterized by AFM, TEM, SEM, optical microscope, IR, TGA, XPS and micro electrophoretic apparatus.