An Inquiry into the Cold Chain Logistics Mode for Agricultural Products and Its Applications

With Chinese rising living standards and the continuous development of the logistics industry, the quality of Agricultural products that people are increasingly high requirements, the demand for Agricultural products has gradually increased, diversified and efficient consumption style has become a major trend to consumer, this means that the cold chain logistics for agricultural products raised higher requirements. Because of the late start of our cold chain logistics, outdated refrigerated transport equipment, inadequate industry standards, high operating costs, and many other issues, made the conditions difficult to meet China’s logistics and consumer products. China as a big country of agriculture production, smooth the storage and transportation of agricultural products, improve the quality of the agricultural products is very helpful to resolve the “three rural issues” which relate to the top of the domestic people’s livelihood, and cold chain logistics can ease the pressure of the storage and transportation of the agricultural products, so, improve the operational efficiency of the cold chain logistics of agricultural products is particularly important.With the advent of “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, China has gradually realized the importance of cold chain logistics in the process of circulation of goods. National Development and Reform Commission released The Agricultural Cold Chain Logistics Development Plan in June2010, the document stresses the importance of the role of the cold chain logistics in the food security and rural development. Therefore, at this stage it requires the continuous development and improvement of means of circulation of agricultural products, the combination of the cold chain logistics and modern logistics, complemented by adjusting the flow of the process of irrational mode of operation, making the logistics service selectively more and the quality of services higher.The idea of this study is:firstly, this paper summarizes the relevant principles of cold chain logistics, find the difference between normal logistics and cold chain logistics effectively, and study the characteristics and the principles of the cold chain logistics in depth. Then, by contrasting the status of cold chain logistics between china and developed country, identify the problem in Chinese agricultural products to cold chain logistics. Furthermore, the paper introduces the supply chain Management idea, summarizes the three current model regarding large-scale processing enterprises, large-scale wholesale markets or supermarket chains as the core Enterprise of agricultural products cold chain logistics, integrated its strengths and weaknesses, combined with China’s agricultural products cold chain logistics truth, to build a comprehensive model of cold chain logistics of agricultural products-agricultural products cold-chain logistics alliance. Then, this paper puts forward the Management mechanism accord to the characteristics of agricultural products Cold chain logistics. Finally, this paper refers to the relevant promotion measures and suggests from the aspect of the government, industry, business and related professional training in cold chain logistics, provides the research direction of the development further of cold chain logistics.

The Effects on Perimenopausal Syndrome Score of Kupperman and Reproductive Endocrine with the Main Methord of Air-entraining Guiyuan by Catgut Implantation at Acupoint

Objective:To explore the clinical therapeutic effect of catgut implantation at acupoint on perimenopausal syndrome and its mechanism.Methods:80patients met the diagnosis standard for postmenopausal women were randomly divided into catgut implantation group(treatment group) and the ordinary acupuncture group (control group),40cases in each group. Catgut implantation group includes27cases of the deficiency of liver and kidney, yang deficiency of spleen and kidney13cases, ordinary acupuncture group contains25and15cases in each type. The main acupoints choosen in treatment and control groups were as follows:Guan yuan, Qi hai, Zhong wan, Xia wan, Shen shu, San yinjiao.For the deficiency of liver and kidney type modified with liver shu point, yang deficiency of spleen and kidney with Zu sanli, Pi shu points. Two groups were both continuous treated4weeks as one therapeutic course, and a total of2cycle period. But catgut group was buried once a week, the control group was treated three times a week. Before and after the day treatment, Kupperman score and the changes of serum follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone(LH), estradiol(E2)of the two groups were observed.Results:①The Kupperman score:The catgut group and acupuncture group of different syndrome types had significant differences in the MI of before and after treatment (P<0.01), there is no significant difference in the MI of after treatment between two groups and two types (P>0.05).②For each symptom score:The difference between the treatment group and control group in improving perimenopausal syndrome with hot flashes sweating, insomnia, irritability and fatigue is significant (P<0.01or P<0.05), while the control group have a good effect in perimenopausal syndrome with musculoskeletal pain and dizziness aspects (P<0.05); two groups have no obvious improvement in other perimenopausal syndrome (P>0.05).③Return visit:The catgut group and the contrl group in different syndrome types had significant differences between the MI of return visit and the MI of after treatment (P<0.05or P<0.01), the two groups haue the same effect between groups. There is no significant difference in the MI of return visit between two groups and two types (P>0.05).④The overall efficacy comparison:The catgut group in yin deficiency of liver and kidney has an efficiency of79.17%, yang deficiency of spleen and kidney efficiency of92.86%; while the contrl guoup have an efficiency of84.62%and91.1%in each type. The total effective rate in catgut group is84.21%and86.49%in control group. There is no significant difference between two groups and two types(P>0.05).⑤the effect of the reproductive endocrine:The catgut group and the control group of different syndrome types had significant differences in the serum thyrotropin follicle hormone (FSH), serum luteinizing hormone (LH) and serum estradiol (E2) content between before and after treatment (P<0.01), the two groups haue the same effect between groups (P<0.01). There is no significant difference in the serum thyrotropin follicle hormone (FSH), serum luteinizing hormone (LH) and serum estradiol (E2) content after treatment between two groups and two types.(P>0.05).Conclusions:①The catgut group and the normal acupuncture group can effectively improve the perimenopausal syndromes, especially in hot flashes sweating, insomnia, irritability and fatigue weakness. The short-term effect of two groups was significant, but the long-term effect was poor.②There is no significant difference in the improvement of perimenopausal syndrome between two groups and two types.③The two methods can reduce the levels of FSH and LH, while increase the level of E2. Its mechanism may be adjust the function of reproductive endocrine and the neutotransmitter content in the post-menopausal female.④There is no significant difference in the clinical therapeutic effect of perimenopausal syndrome between two groups, and it can be used for the patients to choose a variety treatment.

To build the socialist market economy and to forge ahead on the road…

To build the socialist market economy and to forge ahead on the road to socialism with Chinese characteristics are the product of the marriage between the general Marxist truth and the practical Chinese situation, and it is the sole proper way that leads to the Chinese rejuvenation and prosperity. The establishment and improvement of socialist market economy system rapidly enhance our national economy and science & technology in a great pace. It lays a solid material basis for the construction and development of the armed forces and it also accelerates the process of modernization and regularization of the armed forces, promoting the cohesion and attraction of the armed forces, exciting the passion of the officers and soldiers to love their service and training. Certainly, in the face of surging reform & open and prosperous socialist market economy, the administration of the armed forces meets some new situation and new problems, focusing on the diverse background of the officers and soldiers. This shocks the value concept and the behavior style of the officers and soldiers, resulting in the “materialism” phenomenon in the relation between officers and soldiers. In turn, this decreases the motive of administration of the armed forces, therefore, increases the degree of difficulty of the administration of the armed forces. We must pay a high attention to adopt some effective measures to leverage the effectiveness of the administration of the armed forces by way of realizing and utilizing the features of the socialist market economy. To address the feature of openness of the socialist market economy, a corresponding thought and concept system must be established to inject new motive into the administration of the armed forces; To address the feature of competition of the socialist market economy, the competition mechanism shall be introduced to arouse the enthusiasm and creativity; To address the feature of equal sharing of the socialist market economy, a desirable democratic atmosphere may be created to excite the sense of host of officers and soldiers in participation of the administration of troops; To address the feature of regularity of the socialist market economy, we have to administrate strictly the troops by law, realizing the normalization of the order in troops and the behavior of servicemen; To address the feature of interest-driving of the socialist market economy, we shall improve the living conditions in barracks to satisfy their rational interest demands, creating a better interioradministration context.

Weak Ideals on Posets

The concepts of the ideal and filter on lattice play a very important role in the latticetheory. In this paper, based on these concepts, weak ideals and weak filters in posets areintroduced by using the upper operator and the lower operator. Some results of latticeswill be extended to posets.In the first part, we brie?y introduce the history and the current research situationon ideals, filters, De Morgan algebras and congruences and give a clean reins of them.Through citing and analyzing numerous works in this field, we also simply introduce themain task of this paper. For understanding this paper, we give some prior knowledge.In the second part, with the upper operator and the lower operator, we propose theconcepts of weak ideals, weak filters, weakly prime ideals, weakly prime filters, weaklymaximal ideals and weakly maximal filters in posets and discuss some of their properties.Meantime, some axioms are extended to posets like (DPI), (BPI), (DMI), (BUF) andbuild the relations among these axioms and Zorn Lemma in posets.In the third part, we present the concept of De Morgan posets and discuss someof its properties. We obtain the greatest congruences induced by the weak ideal in DeMorgan posets.

Clinical Research of Yiqi Sanju Formula in Treating Metabolic Syndrome and Hyperuricaemia

BackgroundMetabolic syndrome is a metabolic inordinate group,mainly including central obesity,hypertension,insulin resistance and dyslipidemia. Hyperuricaemia is induced by purine turbulence and(or) excrete diminish. At present,hyperuricaemia is not a part of MS,but it has close relationship with MS.Some new researches have found that,hyperuricaemia generally goes with MS,and seriously influences the development and prognosis of MS.MS and hyperuricaemia should be treated and prevented as early as possible,however,modern medicine is short of effectual medicine intervention study.Tradition Chinese medicine has some advantages in early prevention and treatment of MS and hyperuricaemia, but it is short of systematic theoretical guidance.ObjectiveTo observe the therapeutic effects of Yiqi Sanju Formula(YQSJF), a compound Chinese herbal medicine,in treatment of metabolic syndrome (MS)and hyperuricaemia.MethodsThe 32 patients diagnosed were treated with YQSJF for 12 weeks, clinical symptoms,body mass index(BMI),waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio(WHR),homeostatic model assessment for insulin resistance(HOMA2-IR),serum uric acid,fasting blood glucose,fasting blood insulin,triglyceride(TG),high-density lipoprotein(HDL),urine series albumin were evaluated before and after treatment.ResultsAfter treatment,the levels of BMI,waist circumference,WHR,UA, HOMA2-IR,TG,HDL and urine albumin were decreased significantly(P<0.01 or P<0.05).We also found that,BMI,waist circumference has serious influences on serum uric acid.ConclusionYQSJF has a certain extent therapeutic effects on MS and hyperuricaemia.Hyperuricaemia has a strong relationship with MS.

An Analysis of Different English Versions of Tao Yuanming’s Pastoral Poetry from the Perspective of Reception Aesthetics

Wei Jin vigor of style has always been the consistent theme that Chinese scholars concernand Tao Yuanming is the representative character and has made great contributions for thecreation of pastoral poems. Although the researches on his poems are abundant at present,mostof them concentrate on the literature field. From this point we can find that Tao Yuanming’spoetry translation lacks the corresponding theoretical support and research.How to transmit the culture which is expressed by the form of poetry effectively to foreignreaders is a hot issue in translation field. Reception aesthetics is introduced to this field becauseof the sameness in searching objects and range. Based on the theory, the paper analyses Tao’sdifferent translation versions of the pastoral poem in detail. Reception aesthetics supports thetheory that the work itself is an”appealing structure”which contains many”indeterminacies”and”gaps”and waits readers to complete the understanding and reconstruction of the work withtheir own”horizon of expectations”. Reception aesthetics turns the attention to the interactionbetween text and reader and emphasizes the subjective initiative of readers (includingtranslators).In Tao’s pastoral poetries, the natural and pure styles, rich images, beautiful artistic realms,flexible verves, profound cultural connotations are all the”indeterminacies”. How to translatethe aesthetic effect to make the readers'”horizon of expectations”interact with those of theoriginal and finally achieve the fusion is the leading significance of reception aesthetics.This paper is divided into six parts. The first part briefly introduces the research statement,background, objective, outline and theory applied. The second part is literature review, whichincludes a brief introduction of Chinese and western pastoral poems, and then discusses TaoYuanming and his pastoral poems. The third part of the research is translation strategies andEnglish versions of Tao’s pastoral poetries. Chapter three is theoretical framework. This chapterelaborates on the reception aesthetics and discusses two important concepts which are”horizonof expectations”and”indeterminacies”(or”gaps”). Chapter four is the central part of the paperand is also the specific process of research and analysis. It mainly selects Yang Xianyi, WangRongpei and David Hintons’translation versions and discusses their translation standards,strategies and translation versions in detail from the perspective of reception aesthetics. Yang Xianyi translated parts of Tao Yuanming’s poems in Poetry and Prose of the Han, Wei and JinDynasty while the other two translators translated most of his poems in their works. The last partis the conclusion.Through the exploration of the relationship between translation versions of Tao Yuanming’spastoral poetry and reception aesthetics, the paper gets the inspiration or enlightenment for thetranslation. First, readers’role and status should be paid much attention to and meanwhile cannotbe over-exaggerated during the translation process. The traditional translation standards shouldnot be denied as well. Second, individual differences of”horizon of expectations”bring enoughroom of imagination for the translators. Appropriate creation should be encouraged and theflexible strategies should be adopted for the translation of Tao Yuanming’s pastoral poetry,especially for the translation of reduplications, images and culture-loaded words. Third, payattention to the reader’s times and cultural background and takes readers’reception into fullconsideration. It is necessary to meet the readers’aesthetic needs and also to expand their”horizon of expectations”.

An Empirical Study on Board Structure, Product Diversification and Performance Effects

Product diversification is an important part of corporate strategy and is also one of common development strategies and effective mean for large enterprises to be industrial leader around the world. However, with the emerging of failures, domestic and foreign scholars have raised many questions about product diversification. How to build an effective corporate governance mechanism of resolving the problems of product diversification, has become the diverse focus of academic research. The board of directors is at the core position in the system of corporate governance. Board of directors have the decision-making power of appointing master manager, major investments, mergers and acquisitions and a series of major events, as well as supervision of managers. They will have a significant impact on the company’ Management and operation. If the board want to improve the efficiency of decision making and playing an active role of supervision, its structure is one of the most important factors. Reasonable and complementary board structure can ensure implementation of the company’s board of directors to obtain a lasting interest in strategies to maximize the representative of the interests of stakeholders.Firstly, this paper discuss the board structure, by the bases of classification of internal and external structure of the board of directors, outside directors including independent directors, interlocking directorates, inside directors is mainly about executive director. Secondly, based on principal-agent theory, corporate governance theory, resource dependence theory and the theory of modern housekeeper, from a theoretical perspective, this paper analyze the relationship between board structure and product diversification, the influence of board structure on the firm performance of product diversification and propose hypothesis. Thirdly, this paper uses the2008-2010data from listed companies in the manufacturing sector as a research sample. And build the model of board structure and product diversification, the influence of board structure on the firm performance of product diversification. The conclusions of this study get from examining empirical regression analysis from the perspective of independent directors, interlocking directors, inside directors respectively. Finally, after a theoretical analysis and empirical testing, this paper draw the following conclusions:A company of higher proportion of independent directors will has relatively lower level of product diversification and independent directors will has a significant positive adjustment effect of regulation on the performance of product diversification; There is a positive relationship between interlocking directors and the degree of product diversification. Besides, the ratio of interlocking directors has a significant negative adjustment effect of regulation on the performance of product diversification; Executive directors can effectively inhibit the pursuit of excessive product diversification and has a positive adjustment effect of regulation on the performance of product diversification, but it is not very significant.The main contribution of this paper is that it proposes the reasonable and complementary structure of the board has a positive effect in product diversification on the basis of regression analysis of external directors and internal directors. Besides, this paper presents and validates that there is a positive relationship between interlocking directors and the degree of product diversification and the ratio of interlocking directors has a significant negative effect of regulation on the performance of product diversification.

Design and Implementation of Low Cost Intelligent Building Intercom System

The Intelligent Residential Building Intercom System, as a typical example of access Management system, has been widely employed in many fields such as intelligent hospitals, intelligent residential community, intelligent buildings and so on. From the perspective of consumers, residential building intercom system is, while meeting the Basic functions, expected to be user-friendly and has a high performance price ratio. In terms of functions, the products of intelligent residential building system available in the market can mostly meet consumers’ demands. Yet due to different designs, there is a great variance in their performance price ratio. According to the specific design requirements of a company, the present paper made an attempt at designing a low-cost Intelligent Residential Building Intercom System.The whole design referred to and absorbed a number of mature access Management designs. The communications protocols are formulated according to customers’ requirement. Based on the protocols, the hardware of the system is divided into five parts, including door machine, network switcher, adapter, user machine and management unit.The door machine and user machine’s communication is defined as the local communications, and their communications with the management is defined as the network communications. Adapter is used for grouping each user in accordance with the floors and intelligent controls each user machine. Network switcher is responsible for forwarding network communication’s command, preserving the state of communication as well as switching the communication branch. System communication uses two serial bus, door machine and each floor adapter use the serial-bus-one to send and receive commond,they can hang on or up communications by the judgment of each MCU. Network switcher monitors the serial-bus-one and intelligent records the communication status of the door machine and user machine. When management have a communication with door machine or user machine, management sends the command through the serial-bus-two, According to the stored communication status, network switcher forwards command through the serial-bus-one and waits for the response signal to decide whether to open or close the communication branch, then the network switcher forwards response signal to the management through the serial-bus-two, management performs the appropriate actions according to response signal.With the communications protocols and cost taken into account, cost-effective and easy-procured Freescale8-bit microcontroller MC9S08series were selected as the hardware master chip. The function circuit was composed of the transistor discretes equipped with the necessary chips. By receiving and judging serial bus information, MCU controls the transistor switch circuit, and finally accomplishes the switching of the various communications. Because the system will work continuously once put into use, the power consumption of the system should be included in the scope of cost considerations. Therefore, zero-power standby in the user machine was firstly designed and corresponding software was developed according to hardware circuit. Through reasonable test process, the system tests were completed.Through constant tests and improvements, the Intelligent Residential Building Intercom System was finally completed. With management unit as the core of the network, with communication between door machine, adapter and user machine as the vital section and with the network switcher as network medium, it has achieved a tripartite communication function. Further verified by the power consumption test and cost accounting, the design proved to be rational and thus the design of a cost-effective intelligent building intercom system was completed.

The Statistical Research on the Cause of China’s Inflatiaon

Inflation have important relationship with a country’s Economic and Social development. It has always been a hotspot for scholars both at home and abroad. Inflation is a very complex Economic phenomena. Although many countries take control inflation as government’s important task, the inflation problem still exists and would periodically appear. Since reform and opening-up, China also occurred many times inflation. In this background discuss the causes of inflation can help us clear the short and long term dynamic equilibrium relationship between inflation and each affecting factors.It also can provide useful advice to control inflation.This paper uses theoretical analysis and empirical analysis’s method to discuss the cause of inflation. First based on summarizing the theory about inflation causes at home and abroad, we proposed this paper’s views. We put the theory of monetary school and the theory of Keynesian school connected, use points digits regression model and VAR model to discuss the internal and external cause of inflation,forecast inflation basing on the P-Star model,get a lot of research achievements. First,both output gap and money gap can affect on inflation.In the long-term equilibrium, output gap has stronger influence than money gap, in the short-term equilibrium, money gap has stronger influence than output gap.Thereaction of inflation is persistent, and can react at output gap and money gap. The second, Money gap fluctuations can affect the output gap strongly,but output gap fluctuations cann’t affect the money gap. It shows that overheating economy can pull money gap strongly. The third,when we make our Economic policies, we need to consider the inflation expectations to reduce the negative impact on the economy. The fourth, we want to change our export-oriented economic model,adiust economic development structure, relievee inflationary pressure fundamentally.

The Railway Over the Logistics Base for Research and Management Information Systems Planning

To improve the efficiency of transportation organization, accelerate turnaround, China Railway Transport Department vigorously promotes the construction of strategic loading and unloading point. Railway Multi-product Enterprises are active participation in strategic loading point construction, formed a railway strategic loading and unloading point transport business as the core, to warehousing, distribution, circulation processing business extension. It will gradually develop into a strategic loading point of logistics base development trend.Railway Multi-product Enterprises Logistics Base Construction needs the support of logistics Management information system and the information technology. Logistics Management information system must be combined with the characteristics of logistics base, transportation, storage, handling, distribution and other logistics integration, construction of railroad much classics Enterprise logistics base Management platform.This topic based on Railway Multi-product Enterprises Logistics Base for the operational prototype, in railroad normalization overall planning framework, the study of information technology in railway diversified logistics base for the application and the application requirement, accord with our country railroad much classics study on characteristics of Railway Multi-product Logistics Enterprises Base management information system framework of logistics information technology, new technology in railway the logistics base application, combined with the development of logistics base, put forward ” the railway logistics base management information system” s function demand and technical Architecture. The research of this topic, to improve the efficiency of logistics base, promote the development of logistics base has importantly practical significance. With the continuous development of logistics information technology, logistics services have a vast rising space, this combination of railway diversified logistics base application scenarios, study of RFID, GPS, GIS, EDI and other logistics information technology in the application prospect of railway diversified logistics base.The research of this topic will improve the efficiency of logistics base, promote the development of logistics base and has a very important practical significance.