Synthesis and Properties of Carbon Nanomaterials

Due to the unique properties and potential applications in more and more fields,carbon nanomaterials have been paid tremendous attention these years.In this paper,large quantities of carbon spheres were successfully prepared via the simple and cost-effective metathesis reaction between CaC2, C2Cl4 and CCl4 at low temperature in the absence of catalysts.XRD and Raman analysis results are indicative of the highly disordered carbon structures.Large quantities of solid carbon spheres can be observed in the product obtained in the temperature range between 300 and 480℃by TEM. The spheres with surface area of 195.28 m2/g have a hydrogen storage capacity of 3.8 wt.%at room temperature under a pressure about 10 MPa.The synergic carbon sources are likely responsible for the formation of carbon spheres.Self-generated bubbles were firstly used as templates to prepare hollow carbon spheres by the reaction of CH3CH2OH and Zn.XRD result is demonstrative of the existence of carbon with low crystallinity.There is a constricted open end on each carbon sphere observed by FESEM and TEM. The possible formation mechanism of the carbon spheres is related to the H2 bubbles produced during the reaction.The spheres have smaller surface area of 44.050 m2/g.Different kinds of carbon spheres were synthesized by the reaction of glucose/sucrose and Zn.XRD results demonstrate that the crystallization of the carbon spheres improved with the rise of reaction temperature.The morphologies of the product obtained under different experimental parameters have great difference observed by FESEM and TEM,which include hollow carbon spheres,naoporous carbon and carbon nano-fibers,giving rise to differences in pore size distribution,BET surface area and pore volume.Big hollow carbon spheres comprised of small ones were prepared for the first time by the reaction of C6H12O6 and Zn.The sizes of the big spheres reach micrometer scale,and the small ones are about 80 nm.In this work,metallic Zn particles were used as reducing reagent and hard templates to react with glucose.And the H2 bubbles produced during the reaction act as soft templates to form the hollow carbon spheres in large scale.

Research on Impact of Brand Conspicuousness Choice by Ego Depletion

With the increase of China economy, on the one hand, the corresponding national disposable income is increasing rapidly, thus consumer demands are further upgrading. Driven by this growing consumer demands, consumers want to firstly meet the Basic needs, also they are more inclined to choose high-quality products. China has become the world’s leading luxury goods consumption market. As the presence of foreign luxury brands in China are growing, domestic luxury brands have also popped up, competition of luxury goods market is becoming more fierce. How could the luxury brands find a way out? How could they get the access to specific consumers more efficiently and make better marketing to achieve more profits?On the other side, the speed of people’s living has become more quickly and people need to suffer bigger pressure due to the fast growing of China economy. Under such circumstances, the problem of various kinds of energy depletion and emotional constraints is becoming more serious. From psychology perspective, ego depletion-one of the results of self-regulation, is closely related to pressure, energy consumption and emotional constraints. Therefore, through the study of ego depletion and luxury goods,we could further analyze the relationship between ego depletion and the luxury brand conspicuousness choice and provide some marketing suggestions of luxury brands.We have designed the following experiments:Experiment 1: independent variable 2(ego depletion level of consumers: high level ego depletion, low level ego depletion), to test participants’purchase probability of luxury brand conspicuousness.Experiment 2: independent variable 2(ego depletion level of consumers: high level ego depletion, low level ego depletion), moderator 2(self emotional regulation capability: strong capability, weak capability) to test participants’purchase probability of luxury brand conspicuousness.Experiment 3: independent variable 3(ego depletion level of consumers: high level ego depletion, low level ego depletion, overcoming ego depletion), to test participants’purchase probability of luxury brand conspicuousness. We used SPSS 16.0 and EXCEL to analyze our statistics and obtained the followingconclusions:1. When consumers experience high level ego depletion, they are more inclined to select the products with high brand conspicuousness.2. For consumers who possess strong self emotional regulation capability, when they experience high level ego depletion, they are more inclined to select the products with high brand conspicuousness. 3. Compared to consumers who overcome ego depletion and consumers who experience low level ego depletion, consumers who experience high level ego depletion are more inclined to select the products with high brand conspicuousness.Finally, we provided the suggestions of effective marketing with customer segmentation by ego depletion dimension and self emotional regulation capability dimension.

Clinical Research on the Treatment of Fresh Compression Fractures of Thoracolumbar by Manual Reduction

ObjectiveThrough comparison with the clinical results of the treatment of fresh compression fractures of thoracolumbar by Manual reduction and Non-surgicale method of ordinary, To evaluate the clinical outcomes of Manual reduction and give instuctions to further clinical practces,in order to using the Manual reduction more wider and more formal in clinical practces.MethodFiltrated the cases of fresh compression fractures of thoracolumbar hospitalized during March 2007 to August 2008,grouped the absorbed surgical cases at random,Manual reduction as group A;Non-surgicale method of ordinary as group B.There are 30 cases in each group.The group A was dealed with Manual reduction in earlier period,then keeping a Pillow about 10-12cm height under the fracture site for 6-8 weeks.keep on training by “3 point method”、”5 point method”、”flying swallow method” at the same time for 12 weeks.The other one was dealed with the same method escept Manual reduction.Recording the date of VAS、Vertebral height、Oswestry Dysfunction index before and after treatment,and getting result through comparing the date in Groups and group by Statistical methods.Result1.All cases were followed up.All numerical values of measurement data match to nonmal distribution,and all at equal variance.There was no significant stastiscal difference of age,gender,state of illness(P>0.05).2.The high recovery rate and the high rate of orthosis of group A was significantly Increaser than the other Group(P0.05).3.There was no significant stastiscal difference of VAS means between the two groups 12 weeks later comparing with just admission,and there was significant stastiscal difference between l week and just admission(P<0.05).4.ODI means has significant stastiscal difference between the two groups 12 weeks later comparing with just admission(P0.05),5.The lose rate of Vertebral height comparing 12 weeks later and just Manual reduction wasl5%±2.16%.Conclusion1.The effects of manual reduction are identical with those of non-surgicale method of ordinary in the treatment of fresh compression fractures of thoracolumbar.2.Much better recoverment,faster reliving short-term clinic symptom are achieved in the treatment with fresh compression fractures of thoracolumbar by Manual reduction,both method has similar effection in long-term clinic symptom.3.The lose rate of Vertebral height comparing 12 weeks later and just Manual reduction was 15%±2.16%,it means upright has affect in the lose rate of Vertebral height comparing.4.In this subject,the longest period of time for follow-up is 12 weeks.We can get approximately direct impression about short-term clinical effects of the two methods. However,their effects of long-term remained to be summarized by further outcome.

Nanocrystallization of Fe-Base Amorphous Soft Magnetic Alloy by Laser Irradiation

Fe-based nanocrystallized alloy Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si13.5B9 (FINEMET) reveals excellent soft magnetic properties, like low coercivity, low high frequency losses, high saturation flux density, high initial permeability, good thermal stability and low cost, it has been widely applied to magnetic components in electrical and electronic fields. However, in traditional annealing, it needs long time, high energy consumption, and fraction defective is high if temperature is not accurate. Laser is with high energy, and laser processing is short-time, efficient, precise and automatic. So nanocrystallization of Fe-based amorphous alloys by laser irradiation is an important scientific problem with potential value in practical application.In this paper, nanocrystallization of Fe-based amorphous alloys is realized by continuous CO2 laser and Yb-doped fiber laser rotational irradiation respectively. The samples are amorphous rings with internal diameter of 14 mm and external diameter of 20 mm. XRD and TEM are used for microstructure observation and analysis, the results show that by selecting proper laser irradiation power and time, nano-particles with random texture appear in the amorphous matrix, the diameter is about 10 nm, and the crystallized phase isα-Fe(Si) with bcc structure after laser irradiation. At the same time, Results of VSM and dc closed circuit test confirm that the Fe-based nanocrystallized alloys have very low coercivity and high permeability, and magnetization process is almost reversible. Therefore laser irradiation is an effective and feasible method for production of Fe-based nanocrystallized alloys.

A Research on Dewey’s Interest Educational Thought

At present our country in the educational theory and educational practice community has made huge achievements, but old problems or new problems have appeared one after another. The moment it is the Economic and cultural abrupt transition, Education reform is a constant theme, while Dewey is a strong advocate of revolutionary alternative Education, he recognized the urgent need to reform Education in the era of revolutionary potential and was given power, he in criticizing the old society, to build a “new life” in the process raised many advocates, is that we in the moment to draw on the important thinking of resources.Dewey interest education attaches importance to and strive to solve numerous problems, such as the problem of children’s center position and students interest in the development, but can not put things right once and for all solution, but must by later generations continuously in different environment with the actual situation in the criticism and summarizes the essence, only will tend to question, to obtain the corresponding results in a certain extent. The above problems, is the modern education theory and the practice of contemporary education reform to be confronted with,will inevitably exist in contemporary interest in the field of education.thus, the conclusion of the experience of Dewey still has the flavor of the times, we need to repeatedly draw and emphasis they have experience conclusion, these valuable experiences are not necessarily only once in the shining, on the contrary, in education is paid more and more attention today is even more important. Accordingly, explore education reform always cannot do without the theory and the practice, and to explore the reform do we need to learn from and draw on the wisdom of sages, therefore, re-read Dewey’s classic text and discover Dewey interest education can give meaning to the Social reality, can not only deepen the understanding of Dewey comprehensively, but also practice and development of education in our country at present on the prosperity and interest and promote the reform of China’s contemporary education is be of great advantage.However, the research on Dewey interest education can better combine research Although Dewey’s historical background, but always lack Dewey “Children View” or “empirical Philosophy” and a series of theoretical in-depth discussion, and not based on the overall understanding of Dewey’s education theory building and the understanding of three pillars of interest education thought system. Without a doubt, an important educational thought on Dewey interest kernel and mechanism is not enough, and almost no systematic exposition of people interested in the purpose of education Dewey, the path and pattern of interest educational Theory Dewey reference value and practical significance of the analysis and also to be further elaborated to strengthen research.Thus, on the basis, this study will focus on Dewey interested educational thinking to explore new ideas, new attitudes, new tenor, and understand the Basic ideas about Dewey educational thought. Revealed from multi-faceted interests and close ties between teaching, research it initially established theoretical model to enrich teaching practice, develop teaching theory, creating a useful path.Specifically, based on refining the basis of the literature, focus its research on the Basic theory of Dewey interest education thought, and then initially established structure of this paper. The first chapter is analyzed the background and origin of Dewey interest educational thought. The second chapter describes and analyzes the theoretical basis for thinking, including experience in Philosophy and Psychology instinct, Dewey view of children in these areas. Chapter Three are of a comprehensive analysis of interest connotation and characteristics of interest educational thought. Chapters IV and V, respectively, to make the interpretation of interest educational purpose and explore its path from different dimensions. Chapter Six conduct a comprehensive study of contemporary values to Dewey interest educational thought.

Based on the Theory of Mean Reversion of the Chinese Stock Market Empirical Research

The Securities Investment theory has developed for nearly a hundred year. The forcasting problems of the price flunctuation in security market is always the point of research. To this day, the consistent points are tow:the securities yields in long term is easier to forcast than the one in short term. Mean reversion theory is the theory representative of the long-term yieldsStatisticians in the western country have started to pay attention to the mean reversion phenomenon in the stork market. Soon afterwards, many foreign scholars have researched some representative stork market around the globle area, and hopes to get the theroy which is able to guide the investmentThe development of China stork market is comparatively short, and the research of the Mean reversion theory is little. Through the empirical research of the China stork market, this paper wants to discuss whether it has the Mean reversion theory and finds out its character. It will lay the foundation for the deep research of the China stork marketIn this paper, according to the Mean reversion theory, the first part will discuss the brief history of the stork Investment theory, and presents the research and application of Mean reversion phenomenon. Second, this paper introduce the definition of the Mean reversion theorv, the realistic significance and application of this theory, and the inspection method of the Mean reversion in the time series. Last, combined with the theory characteristics and the actual situation in China stork market, we choose the SH index, SZS index, the shanghai a-share the shanghai b-share, and the day returns of the industries plate, to inspect the properties of the Mean reversion in the time series. It uses the ADF method to test the the stability of the time series, and the autocorrelation testing methods to get this conclusion. The results of the study shows that, it has many Mean reversion phenomenon in China stork market, meanwhile, it provides the convenience of the research and actual application of the Mean reversion theory

The Reseach about the Guarantee Institutions for Peasant Worker’ Rights

Because of salary storm and lack of peasant worker ,the guarantee institutions for peasant worker rights is regarded as very weak and invalid.It is a very important problem to china ,and need to solve it as soon as possible. Foundation in analytical the problems of the peasant worker ,This paper manage to use the method of the governance theory and the institutions research, going deep into study the source of current institutions, and the institutions failure .How to attain to good governance is the direction that the government and society dissolve the current problem, and also how to overcome” path dependence” phenomenon and make use of the path dependence inertial to resolve one of the main paths that the institutions supply effectively.The government and society also need to set up a new frame which is able to guarantee the Basic rights of peasant worker , solve the problem,and help the Economic develop smoothly.At the same time ,the action can promote peasant worker to take up residence in the city,and bacome citizens in future, making a contribution for the equilibrium development in China.This thesis contains four section :the first part is introduction of the peasant worker problem. the second part is analysis of target,principal,content about the guarantee institutions,the third part is the means and the path of the guarantee institutions innovation ,and last one is how to establish the new institutions.

Analysis and Exploration of American Tragedies

Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser was a great American writer. He exposed and criticizedAmerican society through his works. He painted a panoramic picture of the society in which wereaders are able to see the capitalist nature of class oppression and exploitation. His writingtechnique is of naturalist nature and when he put his pen to the portrayal of Social reality thepicture he painted is so vivid and realistic that nobody will doubt the reliability and truthfulnessof what he described. This is closely related with his journalist career. An American Tragedy is one of his representative works. Since its publication it has drawnacclamation and criticism. Enormous books and articles have been published not only inAmerica but in other parts of the world to explore the Social significance the novel produces andthe realistic way of presenting the Social facts. It serves as a window through which we canobserve at a short distance the nature of the American society at the beginning of the late 19thcentury and early 20th century. The story mainly tells a story about an American young man, Clyde was the son of destitutepreacher. In order to marry a girl of upper-class, and win wealth and position, he plans to murderhis poor pregnant girlfriend, however, his girlfriend is drown by accident and he could haverescued her but does not do anything, finally he is sentenced to electrocution.When we talk about American tragedy as described in the novel we refer to many aspects ofthe social realities. First and for most American tragedy is the tragedy of American dream. Manypeople like Clyde cherish American dream of variety but at last all their dreams are crushed.American democracy is also a tragedy in the novel. Laws are violated for one reason or other.Also American tragedy is a tragedy of morality. Many incidents in the novel show thedegradation of the moral beings of the characters. They have no sympathy and what they pursueis only self-interests. And last American tragedy is the tragedy of love. Many lovers in the novelfind themselves totally deceived and their love affairs destroyed. My thesis will deal with the four aspects of the American tragedy. The whole thesis isdivided into three chapters. The first chapter gives the background against which the novel waswritten. The author based his novel on a real criminal case that happened in American history.Dreiser collected information from the mass media and made a thorough study and analysis ofthe information and drew the most useful episodes and incidents from the newspapers andmagazines. Therefore, his novel is actually a combination of fiction and facts.The second chapter is about the American democratic tragedy. This is the main body of thethesis. It is further divided into four parts. American tragedy will be analyzed from Americandream, democracy, morality and love.The third chapter deals with the root cause of American dream. This is also an important partof the thesis. It tries to explore the reasons why in America people’s lives are pervaded with somany tragic events when the whole country had experienced great transformation and changes ineconomy and politics and their lives had been improved considerably.The last part of the thesis is the conclusion. In this part the writer intends to do something tomake an account of the important position of the author and how his novels have so muchprofound significance. Of course the whole thesis has left much to be desired. It intends topromote further discussions about this literary giant and his contribution to American literature.

Study on the Role of Network Political Participation in Enhancement of Civic Awareness

In the late20th century, the two inventions computers and the Internet brought mankind to enter the Internet era, and political participation also entered a new era. In contemporary China, the network political participation has become an important platform and channel for citizens’ political participation.This paper firstly summarizes domestic and foreign academic research, for exploring the role of network political participation in enhancing civic awareness at this stage. It subsequently investigates the current situation of China’s civic awareness in the Internet age, and describes the advantages and shortcomings of civic awareness in the traditional China as well as the new changes of civic awareness in the new era. This paper highlights the role of network political participation in enhancing civic awareness of citizens, and points out that network political participation brings improvement in awareness of participation, awareness of rights, awareness of responsibility, legal awareness, awareness of equality, public spirit and self-rationality of citizen. Meanwhile, it points out that citizens have limitations of illegal, unbalanced and irrational in network political participation. This paper also points out that the enhancement of civic awareness, in turn, contributes to the running of network political participation in the environment of rationalization and legalization.In order to achieve a healthy, orderly and sustainable network political participation of our citizens, this paper concludes that we should establish benign mechanism, which including legal mechanism, mechanism of interaction and mechanism of responsibility, for citizens’political participation and give specific ideas.

Research on the Improvement of Population and Family Planning Policy in China

In the1970s, under the advocate of Premier Zhou Enlai, family planning workhas been in full swing all across the whole nation. It clearly put forward the hope thatworking hard to make urban cities’ natural growth rate decreased to around10‰andrural areas’ to within15‰during the forth5-year plan. This is the first time in theofficial government documents to bring up population control target. In1972, thegovernment put forward the strategic thinking “To carry out family planning, to makethe population growth fit in the development of national economy.” In December1973, the family planning leading group office of the state council convened thenational family planning work report conference for the first time. On the conference,it brought up the family planning policy which is “LATE–late marriage and latechildbirth, RARE–Increasing time interval, FEW–fewer and better birth.” Thecurrent family planning policy was established and began to implement by1984. Itspecified that large and medium-sized city residents is restricted to only one child, andrural areas which the first child is a girl are allowed to have a second one. For30years, the family planning policy got vigorously implementing in our country, andmade great achievements in the field of control the rapid population growth. The population birth rate was33.43‰in1970, and reduced to18.25‰in1978, and thenatural population growth rate from25.83‰in1970fell to12‰in1978. The naturalpopulation growth rate down to6.01‰by2003. However, as time goes on, with thedevelopment of economy and society, the disadvantages of family planning policyappear with each passing day. Long time family planning policy controls populationbirth rate effectively; it reduced the fertility rate gradually. It made the demographicchanges, the aging problem revealed, and have a great impact Social and Economic.Theoretical debate about whether to adjust the family planning policy has escalated,the author summarizes into two points of view: one is “open the second child policy”gradually, the other is continue to adhere to the current policyDue to the large amount of population in China, family planning policy itself isstill suitable to China’s current Basic situation. From the perspective that the currentpolicy implementation effect, the existing problem as well as the development trendof population quantity and structure, China’s policy has the necessity of perfectingand adjusting. Policy adjustment should take certain elements into consideration, likeageing problem, population sex ratio, and population structure and urbanization, etc.This paper is aiming at through perfecting policy to realize the reasonable populationand its structure, to make policy itself more suitable for the future development trend in our country.